horde_weownyouLast Tuesday’s city council meeting in regards to the Lincoln Center is a case study on how the gentrification of El Paso is the public policy agenda of those in power. I have written numerous times before about how Ray Caballero started the gentrification by pushing forward a fantastical central parks fantasy that intended to displace the railroads and starting the notion that for El Paso to be successful it had to be reinvented as an Anglo-centric city embracing today’s yuppies. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that the intricate plan for downtown revitalization wasn’t a Ray Caballero initiative but rather he was just a tool for the true puppet masters. Caballero wasn’t allowed to begin the gentrification but his disciples learned from Ray Caballero’s mistakes and revised their strategy to take full control of the city’s public agenda.

Gentrification is a process whereby a community’s original inhabitants are displaced by wealthier ones through increased property taxes. Although it may look like a racist issue because it predominantly affects the minorities, the fact is that being poor is color blind. The process in place today is wrapped around a public policy agenda of revitalization and economic development for the city but in reality, it is nothing more than pushing out the old; buildings, culture and people and replacing them with the shiny new ideals of those controlling the public agenda want.

There is much information about gentrification in many places so I won’t bore you with the details. However, understand that what is happening in El Paso is nothing more than displacing tradition and the original inhabitants through subterfuge and economic terrorism in order to reinvent El Paso into the metropolis the horde is striving for.

It started with the attacks on Segundo Barrio by Ray Caballero and his two staunchest disciples; Susie Byrd and Beto O’Rourke. The Segundo Barrio was partially successful in defending themselves against the onslaught and the result was a delay of the implementation of the agenda and the expulsion of Ray Caballero.

However, the horde learned its lesson and primed their processes to keep the gentrification moving forward. They kept what has worked for them all along with the various disposable useful idiots that are the face of their public agenda while they sit and herd the process forth from their boardrooms. Ray Caballero was just a useful idiot for them. I’ve explained before how the useful idiots are captivated by the glitz of the possibility of hobnobbing it with the well-healed elite of the city. The sad part is that the carrot of possible hobnobbing in that stratosphere is only that, an illusion that is never attained because the horde would never let the riffraff into their midst. Caballero left for Portland when he realized he would never be allowed in.

Oh sure, they will pat the useful idiots on the back once in a while, even throw them a morsel here and there but in reality they are just workers for the horde. Some of the useful idiots are even so diluted to celebrate the phone call a horde member made to them during election time and the campaign money sent to them because the useful idiot doesn’t understand their role in the implementation of the public agenda. That’s what makes them the perfect tools; for the useful idiots the campaign donations and telephone calls are a reaffirmation that they hit the big time when in reality it is just a payoff to do as told.

However, the horde always faces one significant obstacle, the people’s instinct of self-preservation. The horde cannot simply buy everyone, besides paying off the masses defeats the purpose of getting rid of the riffraff that they see as destructive to their utopian dreams for El Paso.

Yet, the masses are a dangerous ticking bomb that must be carefully managed in order to keep them in control. There are many tools the horde uses. Among them is the power of the government and the media that they have so effectively taken control of. The few that dare to speak out are ostracized economically and marginalized by the mainstream thought police to keep them in line. The message is twofold; comply and you will a get a morsel here and there or get a little chippity for your own good and we will make sure you can’t feed your family. Those on the sidelines clearly get the message and comply.

For those too independent to comply or those that realize how they have been duped, the horde wields their considerable power to silence the dissenters. Although the process is very complex it has been well honed the last decade or so and continues to evolve.

What you all witnessed last Tuesday is a microcosm of how the process works.

After the ballpark was brought live the need to continue with the original gentrification of the Segundo Barrio program needed to be addressed. The horde learned that it had to sneak in and chip-away at the heart of the Segundo Barrio in order to slowly accomplish its goal. It had learned that to tackle the whole Segundo Barrio at once, as they tried in 2001 it would rile up a powerful and organized sleeping mass. So they figured let’s chip away, here and there until it’s too late for the riffraff to organize.

The plan for Lincoln Center is a step in the chipping away process. The horde figured that by the time the people realized it would be a fait accompli. However, they knew it might not be that easy so they prepared.

The plan was this. Sneak in the demolition under the guise of asbestos. All, because they care about your welfare. The result of the asbestos removal would have been the removal of the structural integrity of the building. At that point, it would have been a moot point to argue about salvaging the building, as there would be nothing to salvage.

The horde figured that they would use the police force to subdue the expected protestors, the ones that were on to them. After all, the protestors are the riffraff they want to dispose of anyway. Notice how fast the local police organized and responded to the scene? When was the last time you saw police that organized in El Paso?

What they did not count on was Oscar Leeser calling an emergency meeting to defuse the situation. Notice how off guard they were caught with that? There wasn’t enough time to prepare and give marching orders to Ann Morgan Lilly, Michiel Noe and Cortney Niland. Since there was not enough time to prepare the first tier useful idiots they were basically ordered to stay home.

The second tier didn’t even get a call so they just went to the meeting unprepared. Emma Acosta and Larry E. Romero weren’t expected to do much for the horde anyway so they weren’t reprimanded for their vote to file the injunction against the TXDOT. They were just given clear marching orders for Tuesday’s meeting.

However, everyone understands that to keep control you have to pontificate for the cameras in order to be elected. The plan was developed, pontificate about how important Lincoln Center is but remind everyone that it will cost to keep it going. Wrap the arguments about how you want to ensure the integrity of the taxpayer while doing all you can to keep Lincoln Center alive.

The plan is not to keep Lincoln Center alive but to make it look like everyone tried their hardest and in the end it just wasn’t possible, but guess what we salvaged your little trinkets so that we can build you a better and nicer building will be the argument.

Notice how strongly everyone argued about saving Lincoln Center and how the whole process with TXDOT has been wrapped in legal technicalities and innuendo. There is a reason why the useful idiots filed affidavits abstaining from the votes. It has everything to do with a warning about legal consequences should someone else attempt an end game to the public policy agenda.

Nothing sobers anyone faster than the notion that what he or she did may result in criminal prosecution. That was clearly the message delivered with the affidavits; continue and you might find yourself under criminal investigation.

The plan now is to keep the illusion that everything is being done to safeguard the Lincoln Center but in reality it is to buy time in order to complete its destruction. The longer it takes to get a clear resolution to the Lincoln Center the harder it will be to keep people energized and engaged.

TXDOT wants the city to remove the lawsuit because while the lawsuit exists it cannot do what it needs to do to demolish the building. Now that the city has dropped the lawsuit, it will be harder to revive and more importantly, it allows TXDOT to take control of the building as soon as it can.

Once TXDOT controls the site, the police will be used to keep the riffraff out while the demolition proceeds. A classic cornerstone to crowd control is to control the venue. Once the venue is controlled, the security forces can flex their muscles and subdue those trying to preserve the building. There are normally only a few brave ones willing to test the system. Once the instigators are manhandled, those on the sidelines will scatter after receiving the clear message that the horde isn’t playing anymore. By the time anyone is able to file lawsuits to stop the demolition it will be too late. The building will be gone.

Look at where the old city council building once stood and you will get a clear understanding of this tactic.

Finally, make no mistake about it; the demolition of the Lincoln Center is the first step in completing the eradication of Segundo Barrio that Ray Caballero attempted to start. Leaving Segundo Barrio untouched destroys the fantasy that the horde are trying to create. Riffraff and culture have no place in the horde’s public agenda. So brace yourselves, it is going to get interesting.

On a side note I’m baffled by Jose Rodriguez’ apparent wholehearted embracing of the Lincoln Center. On the surface, it seems like Rodriguez wants to lead the fight to keep it viable. However, Jose Rodriguez is a member of the Three Amigos; Ray Caballero, Rodriguez and Eliot Shapleigh. On one hand, Rodriguez may be trying to establish himself independently of the horde and the fact is that of the three amigos, Rodriguez seemed the more distant one. What a better to way to make a statement then to challenge a state agency publicly. The “raza” motive helps him tremendously with multiple constituencies.

On the other hand, what if Jose Rodriguez’ public stance is nothing more than an elaborate distraction to keep those trying to preserve the Lincoln Center off center or distracted? It would be a masterful play. However, at this point I’m not really sure what his end game is in this instance. Remember that Sito Negron, formally of the Newspaper Tree now helps Rodriguez with public perception management and this might be a power grab for a larger constituency. Or, it could be a new strategy by the horde. Time will tell.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Martin, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your wit. Your graphics are awesome as well. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Too much conspiracy theory. In order to gentrify, you need some gentry, i.e., young educated professional-type people. There are maybe, 50, in El Paso. It’s hard to be an urban hipster when you drop out of school and have 3 kids by the time you’re 18 and work at Chicos. If I lived in Segundo, I’d sleep easy on this one.

  3. That’s funny. Martin calls out Ray Caballero for moving to Portland, but who moved to Orlando? If you ask me, Ray made the better choice.

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