us_failedstateBefore everyone gets mad at me, consider the following. Stratfor, along with other so-called intelligence think tanks asserted that Mexico was becoming a failed state because of the rising drug violence. In 2008, and then again on April 6, 2010, George Friedman argued that Mexico was “nearing the status of a failed state”.

In the April 6, 2010 posting, Friedman argued that a “failed state is one in which the central government has lost control over significant areas of the country and the state is unable to function.” Friedman added, “it seems to us (Stratfor) that the Mexican government has lost control of the northern tier of Mexico to drug-smuggling organizations, which have significantly greater power in that region than government forces”.

Basically, according to Friedman and the other analysts Mexico was on the verge of collapse because criminals were subverting the authority of the government and thus the country was becoming a failed state.

So, let’s follow this logic for a moment, however let us change two important facts in light of a recent event. Instead of Mexico, let’s discuss the United States. Instead of Chapo Guzman, let’s consider Cliven Bundy.

As you all know by now, on April 12, 2014, groups of heavily armed men, some wearing camouflage descended upon Bundy’s ranch in response to a roundup of cattle by the US federal government on public lands. For a few days there were confrontations and standoffs between armed men and US law enforcement. The US federal government retreated and allowed the armed men to occupy and setup checkpoints on public land.

As of May 1, 2014 there are numerous encampments occupied by civilians armed with military-grade weapons. There have been reports of “militia mensetting up checkpoints on the highways in the area and demanding that drivers produce identification and answer questions.

Whether Bundy is correct or not is irrelevant as the fact is that the federal government of the United States has retreated and relinquished authority to armed men that have not been recognized as government authorized security forces.

The news media has recorded the events as an “armed presence in or around community areas including churches, school, and or other community locations.”

Now let us take Friedman’s own words verbatim, however this time let’s substitute Mexico for the United States. His comments would have read, “it seems to us that the United States government has lost control of the west-central tier of the United States to Cliven Bundy, which has significantly greater power in that region than government forces.”

Now I ask you, according to George Friedman’s own argument, is the United States on the verge of becoming a failed state?

I would love nothing better than for George Friedman or anyone who thought Mexico was on the verge of collapse to explain these facts away.

It won’t happen because just as absurd as it was about Mexico it is also as absurd about the United States.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

3 replies on “Is the US a Failed State?”

  1. I basically agree with your point, Martin. It’s pretty clear that the U.S. federal government is nearing that precipice (not that I think this is a bad thing, mind you). As far as the Bundy case is concerned, however, I would take these claims by the MSM of “armed presence” in other areas with a HUGE grain of salt (notwithstanding the fact that militia members can be plain-clothed and have concealed-carry arms).

    Lastly, your reference to Bundy’s “power” is hardly in terms of military might. Whether anyone supports him or not, the fact remains that the federal government has immense control over the interstate highway system. The militia members, tactically speaking, are are thus at a major disadvantage and firepower-wise, but a drop of water against a torrent of rain. Thus, I think what needs to be emphasized is that the ONLY thing keeping the federal-government from obliterating them is that it would be a public-relations disaster. Americans are generally nonchalant when this is done in the middle-east, but it’s a completely different animal when done against their own by an organization that purports to “protect” them.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’ll sum it up as follows: I believe that a “failed state” happens when the consent of its own population is no longer sustainable, and that the state in question increasingly (and foolishly) resorts to violence and propaganda to maintain control. We see in Mexico, and so we are seeing it here.

    1. I agree David. Another Waco is not what the US Giverment needs. I hope the BLM isn’t as stupid and arrogant as the ATF.

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