tx_tribune_money_talksAs you might remember, on August 28, 2013 I posted a blog titled “How Useful Idiots Manipulate Public Perception: Case Study David Karlsruher and MaxPowers”. In my blog post, I shared with you an example of how political operatives are used to manipulate public perception in order to control an outcome. As you probably also remember, I showed you how the Texas Tribune was used in an attempted character assassination of Stephanie Townsend Allala as she continues to force the city government to release public records that belong to the community. It failed.

As you are well aware, I am on a mission to connect as many dots for you as possible in order to allow you to make informed decisions about public policy. Many of you already understand that by the time all of the relevant information is pried open it is usually too late to use it for taking back control of errant public policies. The fiasco of the ballpark is a good example of this as the city hall building has been destroyed and the ballpark is now substantially completed.

The only thing left now is for El Paso taxpayers to start paying for the playground of those who are driving the public policy. However, if I am able to connect the dots for you, even after the fact, then you have a clear understanding of the modus-operandi. This should allow you to circumvent their shenanigans in the future.

Before I connect the latest dot, there are some things you need to remember. The city has been proven to use taxpayer funds to create “feel-good” news pieces in order to create the illusion that the public policy is good for the community and that it has substantial support. In my article; “Courtney Niland Makes a Move, Media Manipulation and the Cabal’s Useful Idiots” on May 30, 2013 I showed you how the city buys “news articles” in national papers like the Wall Street Journal in order to create the illusion that all is well with the ballpark.

You might also remember that on May 28, 2013, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled; “Baseball Stadium Bolsters El Paso’s Resurgence” by Matt Higgins. All of the ballpark supporters literally tripped all over themselves pointing to the article as vindication for them knowing what was good for the community. After all, it was the Wall Street Journal, an independent and unassociated news media outlet publishing a news piece that said so.

However, the truth was that the Wall Street Journal piece was nothing more than a bought-and-paid-for advertising masqueraded as a news piece. Joyce Wilson spent $326,000 in taxpayer monies to have Andy Levine pitch “news stories” to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Very simply, the city used your money to buy news coverage in national newspapers in order to pacify the restless rabble in the community that were starting to question the wisdom of the public policy in building a stadium for the rich. How could anyone argue with the Wall Street Journal was the thinking?

So we know that the city and those driving the public policy agenda will spend your money to buy advertising masqueraded as “news”.

But, what about if buying “feel-good” pieces doesn’t work.

At that point, we know, from previous examples, that Foster and Hunt  are not above wielding their considerable wealth to threaten a person’s livelihood.

On June 13, 2013, I published a blog piece titled; “Newspaper Tree: The propaganda machine for the cabal”. In that post I shared with you how journalist Debbie Nathan was promptly fired from the Newspaper Tree at the behest of a “major benefactorfor attempting to write a news piece on how the citizens of El Paso were denied the right to vote on the ballpark. Nathan was fired because she kept asking questions that Foster and Hunt clearly did not like.

With domination of the public perception firmly under their control, Foster and Hunt faced one last nuisance to their latest grand scheme; Stephanie Townsend Allala. Stephanie has proven that she cannot be paid off into silence by the public policy drivers. However, they still needed to silence her.

So how do they deal with her? First, they try to bury her with mounting debt by using your tax dollars to block her attempt to access the public records that rightfully belong to you.

When that is not working, they go to their next weapon, character assassination. They tried, but failed to create the illusion that Townsend Allala was doing all this because she wanted attention to run for office. They attempted this through the Texas Tribune and the two current useful idiots.

In my post, I showed you how the swindle was attempted and yet I was still missing one piece of information, the monetary recompense for making the scam work.

In late August 2013, the Texas Tribune was the tool in the attempted character assassination. Why did the Texas Tribune allow itself to be used this way?

Money, plain and simple it was about money.

In 2010, the Texas Tribune accepted $15,000 from the Hunt Family Foundation, according to their online public disclosure. In 2011, Paul Foster gave them $25,000. That’s not a small amount however; in the Tribune’s budget, it was a trickle from people from El Paso, a city whose political influence in Texas is laughable at best.

However, in 2013, things changed dramatically for the El Paso political bumpkins, in the eyes of Texas politics, and so they dramatically increased their power through money.

In 2013, Paul Foster gave the Texas Tribune $100,000. Likewise, the Hunt Family Foundation also gave the Tribune $100,000. In total, Hunt has given the Tribune $110,000 and Foster $150,000. In both their cases the majority of the money was given in 2013, around the same time the Texas Tribune was used as a tool in an attempt to silence Stephanie Townsend Allala.

A coincidence? Hmmm, I don’t think so. More like a pattern in a conspiracy. And there is the last missing piece to this example of political manipulation. Remember it when the next controversy enters the public domain. Keep an eye on the players and see how the money flows. Eventually, it will all connect.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. You are awesome. I feel you can only do this from a safe distance. Living in El Paso would get you killed.

    1. Thanks zks, but it’s not exactly being “killed”. However, you are right, I am a safe distance from being economically terrorized into silence. I was recently interviewed by a reporter who asked me point blank if it was true that I wouldn’t be writing as I do if I still lived in El Paso. I told her most definitely because if my livelihood was in El Paso they would make sure I couldn’t make a living. They are not above threatening my customers for doing business with me. Not me alone but anyone daring to challenge them.

      Thanks for reading and commenting,

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