where_accntbilityAs predicted by many, the investigation into an allegation of a second assault by Ann Morgan Lilly has seemingly disappeared into oblivion never to be spoken of again. You might remember that back in October I alleged that the El Paso Police Department keeps a special police unit to protect certain individuals from public scrutiny.

You read that right, I am alleging that the El Paso Police Department keeps a special unit to protect certain individuals from public scrutiny. Obviously I can’t prove it or else I would have filed the proof with the appropriate investigative authority. However, as in any criminal investigation, sometimes the only proof is the evidence. So let me share with you some evidence.

Ostensibly the El Paso Police Department keeps the “Special Investigation Group” in order to investigate “alleged abuses of office relating to a public servants [sic] office or employment”. The unit is housed at the department’s headquarters. Although cloaked in the need to keep the highest possible integrity the fact remains that the investigation into Ann Morgan Lilly remains cloaked in secrecy.

I am sure some will argue that it is necessary to keep frivolous investigations away from public scrutiny to protect against undue influence over politicians by tainting them with criminal investigations driven by political agendas. I can understand that notion. However let’s look further into Ann Morgan Lilly.

On October 21, 2013, city employee Art Fierro alleged that Ann Morgan Lilly threatened him. Fierro has stated that he called 911 to file a report. That is all we know because the allegation remains shrouded in secrecy almost six months later. However, all criminal investigations and subsequent court orders, if any, normally include a defendant’s prior criminal and police contact history. So let’s look further into Ann Morgan’s Lilly’s contact with police.

We know that in 2005 a police report dubbed EPPD Case 05-220165 was filed by Don Martinez alleging that Ann Morgan Lilly assaulted him as well. Like the 2013 incident, actual paperwork is non-existing because the investigative units either declare they do not have such a report or because the investigation is ongoing.

However, in both cases we have testimony by two individuals alleging an assault. In one case we have a police report number that is cited as well as the testimony from Don Martinez. In the second incident we have a city employee, Art Fierro alleging an assault and providing testimony that he called 911. I assume that the 911 call was recorded.

After six months we know nothing else although the police department ostensibly has a specialized unit dedicated to investigate abuse by public officials. Therefore the first obvious question is has this special unit been so busy with other public corruption cases that it hasn’t had time to investigate the Ann Morgan Lilly complaint? Or, has this unit completed its investigation?

If the investigation has been completed then there can only be three possible outcomes. The first is that the allegation by Art Fierro does not merit the filing of charges and the prosecutors have closed the case. If Fierro lied, shouldn’t charges be filed against him for filing a false police report? Otherwise, maybe there wasn’t enough evidence to make a case. Either way, the public has a right to know aobut those facts.

Or, has the investigation concluded that there is evidence to support the charges, however the prosecutors have declined to proceed, are still reviewing the pending charges or have presented or are preparing to present the case to a Grand Jury?

Any of those three possible outcomes should be sufficient to communicate to the community the status of the case. This is especially true in El Paso who currently has numerous public officials who have pleaded guilty to public corruption going back many years.

Or, is the Ann Morgan Lilly case languishing until everyone else forgets about it and it will then quietly disappear like the previous one? If that’s the case, then I ask; how is that not public corruption?

Tomorrow, another politically connected individual is scheduled to go to court. I would not at all be surprised to learn that Jaime Abeytia is afforded yet another accommodation because apparently in El Paso the connected people can expect special treatment from special investigative units and a complicit judiciary. And some people still wonder if El Paso is corrupt.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. She will term out, the public will have forgotten or not care, then she will negotiate a deal. A repeat of the last city representative that was prosecution for forgery. You don’t need a crystal ball.

  2. Oops, she did again!! Call the special unit. When does this kind of abuse end ? By the way, Mr. Fierro is a pretty stand up guy. I should know. He’s my brother.

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