salaices_melodyaCandidate name: Melodya Salaices
Office sought: County Commissioner Precinct 4
Party affiliation: Democrat

Candidate website:
Other online links: Business website:

Master’s Degree in Public Administration from UTEP, 2005
Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University, 1999

Licenses and certifications held:

Other elected offices held:

Candidate Statement:
My sister and I were brought up by a strong, intelligent, loving, mother who taught us the value of education and perseverance.

Candidate notes:
Melodya Salaices owns and operates View From the Top, LLC, a marketing and public relations company she formed in 2007. She has registered herself as a lobbyist with the City of El Paso in 2012 and 2013. She did not list clients she represented before city representatives in her filings.

She is married to an attorney who works at Mounce, Green, Myers, Safi, Paxson & Galatzan.

The Issues

The Ballpark:
I am not aware of any public position taken by this candidate in regards to the ballpark.

Public Corruption:
There are currently no known direct nexus to identified public corruption subjects. It should be noted, however that Salaices was employed at the County as Director of Policy Implementation for the County Judge during Dolores Briones‘ tenure.

On taxes:
The candidate’s website focuses on her binational and bicultural upbringing. She mentions experience in government and mentions working at the County without being specific as to the public official she worked under. Salaices makes no mention to her position on taxes and I am not aware of any public statements she has made.


  • Julio Diaz (D)
  • Andrew R. Haggerty (D)
  • Bruce King (D)
  • James Ratcliff (L)
  • Ric Schecter (D)


Published: January 16, 2013
Last update: January 15, 2014

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