The problem with useful idiots is that their job is to create propaganda for the benefit of those they serve. In doing so the truth is just an inconvenient obstacle that they always ignore. Case in point; two weeks ago, a Veronica Escobar political operative sent in a reader letter to the El Paso Times, masquerading as a newspaper, to attempt to diminish Eddie Holguin’s political clout by creating an illusion. Holguin announced yesterday that he is running for County Judge and thus he has been perceived by the Escobar operatives as a serious challenge to her and thus they have launched an attempt to diminish him before the electorate.

As is the case with political propaganda the idea is not to address issues directly but rather to manufacture an illusion to attack the candidate rather than their political platform. Tania Chozet, a close political ally of Veronica Escobar, submitted the following letter to the local daily. Of course the local daily, complicit in the attempt to manufacture an illusion didn’t bother to challenge the “facts” of Chozet’s points and just published the letter.

Chozet wrote on November 20, 2013;

Holguin: Do something substantive for valley

As he recently introduced a City Council item to allocate $25,000 for a Christmas lights display at Shawver Park, city Rep. Eddie Holguin said ‘Not everything has to be Downtown.’

As a proud resident of the Lower Valley and someone who jogs at Shawver Park several times a week, I agree.

I know this fatigued park could benefit from city money: The park floods after it rains, and the water remains for weeks, obstructing about 25 percent of the jogging path — which is cracked and dangerously uneven — and adjacent roads.

In the summer, dozens of soccer teams that use this park weekly leave hundreds of water bottles strewn on the ground, despite signs prohibiting littering.

Across the street from the park, the walls are graffiti-riddled, and the adjacent canal is debris-laden. These areas are ripe for landscaping and beautification and ready for permanent reasons to take pride in the neighborhood.

Rep. Holguin, give us a lasting reason to have pride in our neighborhood and dispel the notion that this is lip service to buttress your recently announced run for county judge.

Instead of spending good taxpayer money on something temporary for your seasonal commute enjoyment, give us, the local residents, something permanent to be proud of.

Tania Chozet, Lower Valley

In response, Eddie Holguin wrote in the online comments section the following:

Thank you, Ms. Chozet, for your comments. I agree that Shawver Park has been severely neglected for many years. Unfortunately, Shawver Park is not in my district, but rather in District #7, which was formerly represented by your friend Steve Ortega. As a recent candidate for that seat, I am surprised that you would not have realized that. Thankfully, however, Rep. Lily Limon has now focused her attention on that park, and it is currently being renovated, including adding two new soccer fields and a drainage pond. Your jogging experience should thus be more enjoyable in just a couple of months. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the holiday lights.

Holguin clearly points out the falsehoods in Chozet’s missive and I can’t add any more to his excellent response.

However, it is important to note that Tania Chozet’s letter was just a component of the mobilization of the useful idiots in support of the Veronica Escobar reelection campaign. As useful idiots their task is not to argue public policy with facts or express alternative solutions to community issues, rather their job is to manufacture propaganda in support of those they serve.

Useful idiots wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for one simple fact; a complicit news media that either allows itself to be used as a platform for propaganda or actively participates in it. This is just one small volley in the political battle for control of the public policy agenda that the upcoming election will determine.

As you wade through the political rhetoric look to see who must rely on lies to prop up their candidacy and who uses facts to keep the electorate informed. That should clearly indicate to you whose campaign is desperately trying to stay relevant this election season.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. As a new reader to your blog I find it interesting that you don’t mention the fact that Holguin was rather disingenuous in his response. It was Ortega who got the work started for the park renovations and it passed muster with city council back in April. This was BEFORE Limon took office so she can pay as much attention as she likes to the park but it was Ortega who deserves credit for those improvements. That is not at all how Holguin presents it and I imagine that gives us a good view of the kind of politician he is.

    Personally I find it rather offensive that someone who always says no (especially during the last budget talks) and prides himself on fiscal responsibility would go to city council to ask for $25,000 for a small, temporary light show that you can barely see from Independence or the Border Highway. I think Chozet has a valid point that if circumstances are as dire as Holguin and Limon often make them out to be, then we should focus on more meaningful expenditures that benefit more of the community on a more permanent and meaningful basis.

  2. People here are not too bright and it is easier shout names (“crazies”) and question motives than to address actual issues raised by a critique. Just read the blog scene and you’ll see what I mean. I recall early on when I raised issues that the stadium expenses would: 1) rise and the business case was fabricated; 2) it amounted to a giveaway of public assets to private corporate interests; 3) should be put to a straight up yes/no vote instead of “you get it either way”; 4) there was no need to act quickly because that was a lie being propagated by MS to force the issue.

    You can just go back and read the names I was called on DK’s blog, but none of my detractors denied or deconstructed my assertions above. Instead, they called me a “socialist” and “Obama supporter.” Which just goes to show how fucking stupid are here, like opposing corporate socialism is socialist! And what does Obama have to do with the stadium?

    There is no hope.

    1. Agree 100 percent. The last part is the most important…..NO HOPE.

      I have given up and hope you will too.

  3. Martin,

    In the spirit of finding the truth, wouldn’t you like to tell everyone why Holguin made this an issue to begin with? His interest in the Christmas lights was only a political play to bolster his upcoming run for county judge. His agenda was hidden – but not all that well.

    Granted, Chozet really missed the boat here, but she’s bitter and knows he’s running for county judge so I think it’s kind of fair given Holguin’s strategy.

  4. 25,000 for xmas lights wont pay one day of the interest on the ballpark or the new city hall buildings. cant believe anyone is bitching at holguin about that. escobar is spending 150 mill on new clinics so the ***** wont have to ride the bus to umc. what a joke.

    Editor’s note: This comment was edited on December 4, 2014. Please use “undocumented aliens” instead. Thank you for your cooperation. Martín

  5. Interesting times in El Paso blogland. I see you are the lone voice on one side and all the other blogs seemed to have morphed into one blog with several different names all to express the same point of view. They have even questioned your citizenship….how low can they go? I am happy for any person who can escape the hell that Mexico has become, regardless of legal status. Funny that the so-called progressive crowd is so interested in your immigration status. Of course we all know they aren’t progressives in the first place. Want to see a progressive? Look up Bernie Sanders…a US Senator from Vermont. THAT is a progressive. Anyway I am not going to pick sides….both sides are bad for people like me who have the ability to think outside the box. Just thought I would offer you a little support to express your views.

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