The trouble with liars is that they become so accustomed to lying that they completely lose understanding the difference between right and wrong. Since a liar doesn’t understand between right and wrong their own actions eventually expose them for the corrupt individuals that they are.

David Karlsruher has been exposed not only for outright lying, at least twice and who knows how many more times privately but he has also being arrested for driving while intoxicated back in 2001. In fact that would make him a criminal.

To be perfectly clear I unequivocally state that I have never been arrested. And to be even more clear not only did I enter the country legally I also hold an active conceal carry permit meaning that I have been subjected to at least two extensive Federal and State background checks. Obviously I passed them both.

Yet, useful idiots like David Karlsruher and the anonymous poster that goes by the name of “MaxPowers” have no problem lying in order to fulfill their mission to silence those that do not toe their predetermined worldview on how everything should be. Instead of arguing the merits of their case by stating opinion or facts they would rather makeup things in order to feel less emasculated than they already are.

How sad it must be to live a life so devoid of self-worth that lying becomes the outlet of their self-loathing.

As some of you already know, on November 5, 2013 the character calling himself “MaxPowers” posted a disgusting outright lie write up about me. I am not going to describe it to you because it not only violates common decency it is outright libelous and defamatory and I would even argue that it is even criminal.

As such I sent a letter yesterday to his blog’s internet service provider not only asking that the offending material be removed from the service but I have also asked that his identity be released to me so that the proper authorities can investigate the blogger. This is the first step of many.

The blogger posted something that is an obvious lie and in so doing defamed me therefore it is just a matter of time before I find out his real name so that I can look at my legal options in pursuing this matter further.

In the blogger’s quest to aggrandize himself before the community through lying he has inadvertently exposed himself to not only being publicly identified but could also face criminal charges and likely civil charges for stupidity.

You see, it is my opinion, that under the State of Texas laws if you participate in disseminating material that meets the definition of “obscenity” then you become an accomplice to the criminal activities of another. Under the Texas Penal Code; obscenity, or very distasteful sexual material is a State Felony punishable by jail time and a hefty fine.

Therefore “MaxPower’s” lying post about me has him admitting publicly that he had in his possession a photograph that he himself “saw”. According to his post, this “photograph” depicted offensive sexual material in what I believe is a violation of the obscenity laws of the State of Texas. However the liar isn’t finished yet because he adds that a third-party is in the purported picture.

Arguably there is no picture because one does not exist but if I describe to you a picture of the Statue of Liberty you do not need to see the picture to visualize the Statue of Liberty.

Thus, if we are to believe the lying blogger then it is my belief that he has committed the offense of publishing illegal material by his inaction of preventing the disclosure of the illegal content. If he is admitting to criminal activity then law enforcement must be notified.

Hence he has put himself in the position of having to defend himself against a State Felony all because he had to lie to make himself feel better.

However it gets worse for him. I am now forced to consider filing a criminal complaint against him in order to force him to admit that the image he described does not exist. You see, if he writes he saw such an image then in my opinion he is admitting to participating in the dissemination of obscene material in violation of the law.

On the other hand, if he admits that he never saw such an image in order to exonerate himself of criminal culpability then he has just admitted that he libeled and slandered me giving me clear proof in a civil proceeding.

And all this because the character that has labeled himself as “MaxPowers” lied in order to feel empowered as he trembles behind a computer screen.

I’m sure useful idiot “MaxPowers” feels “safe” hiding behind a pseudonym, too timid to let me know who he truly is because obviously he knows I don’t play games, thinking that jurisdictional and other bureaucracy will stymie my search for him. However although it may take time I will eventually find him and I will hold him to account.

I do not have a problem with individuals challenging the veracity of my arguments or even telling me that I am absolutely wrong, in fact I welcome it. What I have a problem with is when individuals outright lie in order to further their agendas. It is even more egregious when they defame, libel or even possibly commit crimes in their quest to silence opposition.

Many individuals in the community have been victimized by the lying bloggers of which one has already admitted to being a criminal and the other may soon have to admit criminal activity, if he isn’t one already.

I encourage debate on the issues that face the community. However if you must rely on lying in order to make yourself feel better you might want to consider the ramifications of your actions because lying will eventually lead to a court of law.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

8 replies on “Bloggers That Lie Could Easily End Up in Jail”

  1. I checked out the MaxPowers post and it seems borderline….I doubt its a obscene post the u.s. atty would prosecute nevertheless a disimalate charge…porn is everywhere….any disminating porn charges are always weak and rarely charged unless child porn….why because its too subjective….is the montana porn shops dismentating obscenity?…

    what gets me is how each bloggers try to push the limits….whats good for goose is good for gander
    dont everyone see that each blogger to some degree may be doing sames they accuse the other of doing…

    by all means use the courts but know the odds…defame suits cost a lot

    maxes post almost seems a parady….plus one has to prove damage

    if one wants to push the law, then sue the govt under 42 usc 1983 and engulf oneself in those kind of issues and stop playing silly blogger games david k should become a ankle-biter instead of a dismenator…join a board on govt ethics or something

    i come across some good info on both martin and davidk blog but both some times has silly stuff…iam not looking for rumors but possiable lawsuits against the govt issues….martin to me sometimes needs to look for the ‘sound and thunder’….for example ive had locks picked…and police said was your door kicked open?

    while a picked locked is puzzleing a kicked door is more real…look for real stuff not games….that said both martin and davidk writing has exposed some good info at times re gov’t….good work..and.i dont read Max much yet

    sorry for spelling…just 2 centing here

  2. Hey Perry Mason, I hate to burst your legal bubble, but given the fact that Max made a reference that he also lost a picture of him making love to Sofia Vergara, probably means that he was just trying to be his almost “funny”, “clever” self. But l hope you spare no expense by taking this all the way to the Supreme Court ! l can see it now: with all nine Justices watching intently, this “white guy contractor” will put on a latex glove, and try to (l’m bleeping this part out). Then your lawyer will turn towards everyone and say, “lf the glove doesn’t fit, you must NOT acquit !”

  3. Uh oh, Martin is mad! Try getting material facts right and maybe you won’t be the laughing stock of El Paso blogging. You have no beef here with anyone but yourself. Tighten up your screws before complaining about others.

    What state do you have a concealed carry permit in? what name did you give them?

    Do yourself a favor and stop inventing laws to cover your bruised ego. Be a man.

  4. Martín, the same laws and constitutional protections of free speech that allow you to post lies and rumor under the guise of “I’m just passing along what I’ve heard” are what allow even an anonymous blogger like Max to post the same and worse. Except he’s even more legally protected because his site is obviously full of satire, and his post about the supposed photo he found of you is clearly a parody of your post about the elusive pic of Ortega and Escobar. That darn First Amendment!

    A couple of things before you make more a fool of yourself than you’ve already have. First, Google what happened when Beaumont blogger Philip Klein tried to sue to find out the identity of anonymous bloggers who were critical of him. In short, he lost — the Texas Supreme Court ruled the bloggers’ ISP didn’t have to ID them and they could remain anonymous. Klein’s further efforts to silence his critics were equally unsuccessful. Why? Blogging critically is protected speech under the First Amendment. (cf. Lawyer Charles’ Carreon’s efforts to punish bloggers and a cartoonist who hurt his feelings. Like you, he couldn’t take a joke and didn’t understand the protections that satire and parody enjoy under the First Amendment. But he lost too. Big.)

    Second, Texas has one of the broadest Anti-SLAPP statutes in the country to protect those exercising their free speech rights from frivolous lawsuits by censorious blowhards like yourself. In fact, if you did sue for defamation, Max could file a petition to dismiss, have you pay sanctions and his legal bills, and still remain anonymous under the statute. Thanks, Texas Legislature!

  5. “Maxpowers” interest is in getting you to stop focusing on what is important. Don’t fall for it and refocus in what is important. Get the truth out.

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