As a blogger, I’m well aware of the opportunity blogging has given to those intent on manipulating political outcomes and how they abuse the blogging community in order to fulfill their agendas. Blogging has evolved into a platform from where political operatives create political undercurrent from where they create and manipulate public perception. For the most part there was a clear distinction between the blogging community and the news media, that theoretically follows journalistic integrity in publishing their work. Bloggers are supposed to use common sense but as with every tool, those looking to gain an advantage will ignore common decency and or honesty. The media’s ethics continues to erode under the onslaught by the bloggers.

There are bloggers that I refer to as the “useful idiots”, those tools used by others to affect an outcome. As I have previously written, David Karlsruher is one such useful idiot. Lately, he has been on an online rampage in obvious support of the ballpark horde. Karlsruher’s credibility has already been questioned and documented previously. You can read about his public apology for abusive blogging here.

As much as David Karlsruher would like to be recognized for his blogging prowess the fact is that he is nothing more than a blunt instrument being used for an agenda. Unfortunately for him, his public record is fully known by the community. With a lack of credibility, Karlsruher, and his handlers need to create a credible basis from which to launch public perception manipulation.

This is where the anonymous “Max Powers” blog comes into play. The MaxPowers blog came into being on November 1, 2012. Immediately, with in that very first post the anonymous blogger mentions David’s blog and goes on to attack two of David’s political targets, Norma Chavez and Chente Quintanilla. In his second blog, the anonymous poster begins to set the agenda for his blog by going on a tirade against most politicians that David had previously targeted with his vitriol.

Although the anonymous blogger may seem to be an equal-opportunity anti-establishment tirade maker, his modus-operandi seems to have developed to be nothing more than a tag-team supporter of David Karlsruher’s targeted politicians.

Say what? Tag-team supporter?

In order for a platform to become an effective weapon it must attract eye-balls to it. It does this by first making itself known by leveraging existing platforms to bring traffic to it, in this case David Karlsruher and then creating controversy in order to gain attention.

Once the platform has been established, it begins to manipulate public perception by creating under current rumors and innuendo. The gossip is then disseminated across seemingly competing blogs who secretly prop up each other. Then additional useful idiots chime in with strategically placed comments, either anonymously when outrageous or under a name when providing seemingly verifiable information that is designed to support a given position. Notice the comments on the anonymous blog and who their regular commenters are?

That would be David Karlsruher and his mom, Eileen Karlsruher who are obviously working in cahoots. Now add individuals like Tricia Martinez, Darren Hunt’s domestic partner and the matrix is clearly laid out as to whose agenda these blogs are promoting. And then notice who normally posts the outrageous comments; that would be the anonymous posters.

However, in order for the tool to be effective the perception manipulators need to get the media to notice. They do this by occasionally providing leads that the media then happily jumps on, tripping over each other to get the “news” out faster then the other. This gives the blogger “street cred”. In order to retain the attention of the news media the public perception manipulators need to create the perception of having access to back-room information. To do this, occasionally the handlers will give the bloggers information, politically interesting enough to create buzz but not enough to damage those handling the useful idiots. Once established, the blogger then goes about manufacturing public perception and acting as attack dogs to those who stand in the way of the handlers. But why MaxPowers?

Who is, or why MaxPowers is not as important as to why this blogger came to be. Three things are important to note about the appearance of this blogger. First is that his start was during the 2012 General Elections where several city bond propositions were passed and it became apparent that local state-wide elections were undergoing some fundamental changes. The second is that Jaime Abeytia was winding down his own blog as his future monetary benefactor was elected and Abeytia was no longer a viable useful idiot for the horde. This left a void that needed to be filled. Third, those who benefited from Abeytia understood that managing public perception would allow them to continue their agenda and the stable of useful idiots needed to be in increased.

It is not important who the MaxPowers character is, rather that he filled a void left by Jaime Abeytia. Of course the question is, ok, if we are to accept your premise, can you prove it?

Proving it is rather difficult because concealing the nature of the conspiracy is paramount for its success. However, I can provide you with an example of how the public manipulation process works.

Last week, the anonymous blogger MaxPowers ran a post where he alleged that Stephanie Townsend Allala was running for office. The post allowed the public perception to be created that Stephanie Townsend Allala was challenging the ballpark through her open records requests for nefarious purposes; that she was running for office.

The fact is that Stephanie Townsend Allala is not running for office.

In fact it took a quick message to her to confirm that fact.

However the post allowed the public perception to be created and it had the added benefit of testing the political waters and drawing out other potential candidates to gauge public and media reaction. Also notice how David Karlsruher worked in conjunction with the anonymous blogger to gain traction on that rumor.

This phony post needed some credibility in order to gain media attention and that is where ethically challenged journalists masquerading as news media conveniently came into play. Enter the Texas Tribune.

The Texas Tribune was created as a non-profit media organization in 2009 by Ross Ramsey and Evan Smith. They were originally funded by John Thorton. You can read about how I believe non-profits are created to further agendas while allowing monies to flow through them by visiting this post. The Texas Tribune and the Newspapertree seem to share many similar characteristics.

The Texas Tribune created the “Interactive: 2014 Elections Pencil Brackets”, a self-proclaimed “unofficial” rumor mill of potential candidates. To clarify how Stephanie Townsend Allala’s name appeared as a potential challenger to Marisa Marquez I asked the Texas Tribune to explain to me how it is that Townsend Allala’s name ended up on their list. I also asked why it was subsequently removed.

Ross Ramsey replied that they removed her name because she let them “know she’s not considering a run”. Ross went on to let me know that they “add names for a variety of reasons, explicitly including political rumors and word of mouth”.

I then asked him if he would elaborate on how Stephanie’s name ended up on their radar and he replied; “nope”, and pointed me to their “rumor” mill mode of collecting the names.

Unable to get a clear answer as to how Stephanie Townsend Allala ended up on their rumor radar I can only speculate. The only people who stand to benefit from diminishing Townsend Allala’s credibility and attempting to destroy her reputation are those who would end up politically hurt if Townsend Allala prevails in exposing their shenanigans.

That’s where the useful idiots couple comes into play, enabled by the ethically challenged Texas Tribune.

Stephanie running for office is obviously a lie that was created to perpetuate a myth designed to silence dissention about the ballpark fiasco. There is no way that Stephanie Townsend Allala’s name appearing on the Texas Tribune and almost immediately become a public discussion item on the two useful idiots’ blogs without all of it being related. In fact, that is the only possible explanation.

Now notice how both David Karlsruher and the anonymous blogger work in conjunction to diminish and character assassinate certain political figures while ignoring others. Pay attention to who their targets are. More importantly pay attention to how they interact and enable each other. By paying attention to their modus operandi, their agenda clearly manifests itself.

This is how David Karlsruher and his side-kick, the anonymous blogger, work in conjunction on behalf of the ballpark horde. There is a reason that the blogger remains anonymous and it has everything to do on what his part is in the game of political manipulation.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Interesting. So it sounds like the Texas Tribune got played by DK and MP. Thanks for looking into this. This is an example of how the information you provide is more accurate than DK and MP’s “shoot from the hip” blogs. You take the time to contact sources and verify information. Thank you.

    I agree with you that DK and MP work together. My proof is that I recently sent a question to DK’s blog and MP answered the question on his blog. The catch, however, is that DK never publicly posted the question. He had to have sent the question directly to MP.

    We need information, accurate information in El Paso. We don’t get it from DK, MP or the EPTimes. Thanks for your accurate reporting.

  2. As usual you assume too many things but you don’t provide any evidence. Journalists are required to get both sides. Did you bother to ask David for his side? Of course not, because you are just another blogger.

    1. Quit being so hypocritical mariag. Yes your last report on Sunday was so very balanced. You know as in both sides being represented!! Journalists are required to get both sides, right?

  3. Wow! Seriiusly, Maria? Your going to allow yourself to get dragged into another public discourse? You should just bask in the limelight tgat Darren’s removal created for you!

    And the next time you all do a segment, like the release of emails, regarding public officials YOU should clarify that you contacted them and they refused to comment and why without the public doing YOUR job and inquiring… it kind of makes it look like you know what you are doing.

    Kind of…

    1. Who is Maria G anyway?

      Oh look, it’s Rotten Peppers, one of the constant readers of Mp and DK. How cute. I see RP is here to defend his/her beloved bloggers.

      Reading Max Powers and DavidK is like reading two jockey dudes with zero intelligence who are stuck in high school mode, trying to fuck all the young girls. They are immature writers and you can’t believe much of what they say, and I can make that statement because unlike MP and DK, I am actually in the “know” here in El Paso. They are simply puppet bloggers, and TERRIBLE ones at that.

  4. “The fact is that Stephanie Townsend Allala is not running for office.

    In fact it took a quick message to her to confirm that fact.”

    “I asked the Texas Tribune to explain to me how it is that Townsend Allala’s name ended up on their list. I also asked why it was subsequently removed.”

    Why is it you make contact to those who benefit your story (Stephanie Townsend Allala & Ross Ramsey at Texas Tribune), but I see no mention of contacting Eileen or David Karlsruher.

    Also you say a void was left by Jaime, but Jaime was more left leaning while MaxPowers is more right…not sure what void was filled as you seem to have probably gained more readers from Jaime’s departure.

  5. If DK is such a blogging power, why are there so few responses on his blogs? I think sometimes if I stopped posting he’d lose a third of his readership:) Goes double for MP. The bottom line in El Paso is that almost no one gives a shit what the Horde and its controllers do, which is why they can get a way with it.

    1. After you put Maria Garcia from KVIA, on the spot. She hasn’t commented as Mariag since. Don’t you find that a funny coincidence and not surprising Maria G is a LIAR!!!

      Now she is posting as NewsHound, FYI.

  6. martin, why do you allude to the leeds lie. that was long ago. david k is the only one who puts out factual information which can be proven, you my non friend blog old news and supposition. you must be jealous that dk lives in dc and eats good grub while he earns his gold or youre a bully…….

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