Last Sunday, as I prepared to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, far from my beloved Mexico, I took some time to contemplate the Cinco de Mayo holiday. I have always argued that the fascination with Cinco de Mayo in the United States derives from a clever beer marketing gimmick that was used to market beer sales in the United States. Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration of Mexican independence but rather it is a celebration of the liberation of a culture from those who tried to reinvent Mexico with an Anglo-Saxon cultural identity.

From the surface, the ultimate expulsion of the French from Mexico was the regaining of Mexico’s sovereignty from invaders. But, in reality it was much more than that. Although Maximiliano, along with his wife Carlota, tried to portray a sense of “love” for Mexico and its well-being; the truth is that he was attempting to impose in Mexico an Anglo-Saxon culture upon the Mexicans. In Maximiliano’s eyes, Mexico was better off if it adopted the Anglo-Saxon way of life.

Maximiliano’s early successes were the result of the Mexicans who embraced the emperor in the mistaken notion that he was the future of the country. Those “vendidos” were embracing the power center in order to further their own ambitions at the cost of their cultural identity.

History demonstrates that the Anglo-Saxons have conquered others through forced assimilation with the imposition of their notion of what is better for a community via the helpful help from the local “useful idiots”. The useful idiots feel that they could achieve a measure of success by attaching themselves to those they perceive to have the power.

Much of the history of what led to Cinco de Mayo has been playing out in El Paso for decades.

El Paso has a unique history and a unique cultural identity derived from its Mexican heritage and reinforced by its Anglo-Saxon brethren. El Paso is rich in culture because its citizens have embraced each others’ unique cultural identity; the Mexican and the Anglo-Saxon traditions that melted into El Paso’s uniqueness throughout history. El Paso is neither Mexican nor Anglo-Saxon rather it is uniquely El Paso.

Case in point is the excellent El Paso food, neither Mexican nor Tex-Mex but rather El Paso unique. Many attempt to replicate El Paso cuisine outside of El Paso but none succeed.

Just as Maximilano, who hailed from Vienna to impose his vision upon other people by destroying their local heritage and cultural identity so are modern-day conquerors, hailing from other places, trying to destroy the El Paso uniqueness to create their own utopia for their own personal playgrounds.

Evern Wall, Bob Jones and now William Sanders, Paul Foster and Woodley “Woody” Hunt have taken it upon themselves to “make El Paso” better by imposing their values on the city.

And just as before, the useful idiots are helping them at the cost of El Paso’s rich cultural history. The most recent “renaissance” for El Paso started with the grand-vision of Ray Caballero. For too long Ray Caballero looked for his “ticket” of acceptance into the elite Anglo-Saxon community of El Paso never achieving the equality he so longed for.

The Ray Caballero “vision” consisted of doing away with the “grittiness” of El Paso and replacing it with sprawling grand-central type parks and doing away with the Segundo Barrio “riff-raff” to revitalize the city.

But was this Ray Caballero’s vision or was it Woody Hunt’s, along with others?

Eventually, the city of El Paso rose against the Ray Caballero “vision” and sent him away. He left El Paso to settle among his perceived peers in Portland Oregon. He peeks in, once in a while, to see if he can someday comeback to stake his place among the high-falutin elite who he still perceives as his ticket into high-society.

But the “vision” wasn’t his; rather it was someone else’s.

Caballero’s disciples; Susie Byrd, Veronica Escobar, Steve Ortega and Robert “Beto” O’Rourke have taken up the torch for the cabal intent on making El Paso “better” by erasing the uniqueness of El Paso and replacing it with their vision of what El Paso should be like.

Like before, the Anglo-Saxon outsiders have come into El Paso to remake the city into their vision of what it should be.

But why would the Hunt’s, Foster’s and Sanders’, who have the resources to establish themselves in the Anglo-Saxon strongholds, spend their resources in a city like El Paso?

Simple economics.

El Paso and Cd. Juárez are uniquely situated to potentially take advantage of the new economy that drives the world’s economic engine. Both cities share the largest international border in the world with two economies that can produce the goods the world consumes and distribute them to the consumers of the future.

Mexico boasts the most free-trade agreements of any country in the world. Under these agreements, any product produced in Mexico can be sold to the largest consumer markets at reduced or no tariffs. Basically, you use the American ingenuity to create consumer products and you build them in Mexico to ship them to the worldwide consumers.

The Foxconn industrial complex in San Jeronimo is the beach-head of this possible economic future.

There are three things you need to make this a reality: 1) build the manufacturing complexes at the border to import and produce the consumer products, 2) reduce the time needed to import and export across the border, and 3) build the legal frameworks to streamline the process of manufacturing and the transportation of the end products to the consumers.

For the modern day industrialists, on both sides of the border, the plans are in motion. Foster, Hunt, Sanders and their counterparts in Juárez have been diligently preparing for this. Those that control the land nearest the international borders, in the United States and in Mexico, will create the best economic legacies for their families to enjoy for generations to come.

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what has happened in the last twelve to thirteen years. Look at who controls what. Oil, the substance that drives the economic engines, also creates the wealth that funds the “visions” for El Paso. Guess who controls that?

Ray Caballero, along with Susie Byrd, targeted Asarco and Jobe Concrete under the notion that El Paso had outgrown its legacy of blue-collar labor and was ready to grow into the elites of white-collar labor. Therefore Asarco and Jobe had to be gone. It was all about the environment they gleefully proclaimed. So, in the end they brought Jobe into the fold and destroyed Asarco.

But what about Western Refinery?

For them, a refinery smack in the middle of town just didn’t seem to be a threat to the community.


Could it possibly be that Western Refinery wasn’t a problem because the masters of the useful idiots; Byrd, Escobar and Ortega told them that Western Refinery wasn’t a problem.

Sanders, on the other hand, started to lay the groundwork for the future economic engine by asserting control over vast-land holdings along both sides of the border. The Asarco land, the Segundo Barrio and Lomas de Poleo among others are being prepared for the future.

Those that control the land stand to make the most off, of the future economy.

Hunt, on the other hand is not only part of the economic engine funding this but his experience in large-scale developments and inter-governmental working relationships are important to the network. He also controls vast amounts of water that is needed for the economic engine. Not to mention that he was one of the first to have the “vision” to create the necessary framework for this economic renaissance.

Shortly after Ray Caballero started to impose his “vision”, rather Hunt’s vision, on El Paso; the citizen’s of El Paso employed the democratic tools to stop his gentrification of their city, or rather the Anglo-Saxon gentrification of the city, and forced him out.

True to their brethren roots, the citizens of El Paso rose up and challenged the status-quo of the elites. Democracy was the tool and it stood in the way of the elites.

For the invading Anglo-Saxons this could not be, so they updated their plans and quietly imposed a City Manager to control and stifle the democratic processes. Knowing that an external Anglo-Saxon led “renaissance” would not be acceptable to the masses, they enlisted the modern-day vendidos of Byrd, Escobar and Ortega to lead the charge. And as before, they were promised “power” in the future El Paso to keep them in line.

Their plan is coming to fruition. Beto O’Rourke has been placed to facilitate and create networks at the federal level in order to create the necessary environment at the federal level. Joyce Wilson was brought in to control the “riff-raff” of Byrd and Ortega and impose control over the functions of the city.

Keep in mind that the city is the only local authority that is allowed to make laws to facilitate the needs of the elites in control. But the County must also be brought into the game in order to control land in the targeted areas. The County encompasses the City and therefore the land that is needed for the plan. Not only does Veronica Escobar serve this purpose but she indirectly influences the law-enforcement authority of the County, by her influence over the budgets of both the Sheriff’s Department and the prosecutors at the County Attorney’s and District Attorney’s offices.

In other words; the water, the fuel manufacturing capabilities, the lands, the ability to influence at the federal level legislation that would facilitate international trade and controlling the local legislative branches and law-enforcement are now under the umbrella of the foreign Anglo-Saxons revitalizing El Paso. The pieces to the plan are firmly in place. Just look around you.

But why downtown El Paso?

Simple, industrialists controlling vast complex empires need to be near their investments. Currently El Paso is not the proper playground for them so they need to create one.

Enter downtown revitalization.

El Paso, as you go out and vote for your future leaders, take a moment to contemplate what the El Paso “progressives” are really about. The Anglo-Saxon invaders know better than to rely on the exposed “useful-idiots” as they learned their historical lesson by the expulsion of Ray Caballero.

There are many more vendidos waiting to grab their piece of the power pie for their own perceived acceptance into the ethnic identity they long for but will never be able to attain. They are the political candidates you should repudiate. As always, follow the money. Foster, Hunt and Sanders make investments; they do not just give money away.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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