Following a tense round of opening statements, prosecutors in the trail of Judge Regina Arditti asked that the defense team be removed from the case.

The reason, they say, is defense attorneys Theresa Caballero and Stuart Leeds have made it impossible through their bad courtroom behavior for a fair trail to be held.

Judge Steve Smith, after careful consideration, denied the state’s request, saying he could re-visit the issue later during the trail.

The trial is expected to go on until about 5:30 p.m. this evening.

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3 replies on “State Requests Removal of Defense Team”

  1. The defense is kicking the stuffing out of the state. The judge is agreeing with the state on all of its objections. The judge is showing the jury how much he favors the state. Stuart Leeds agve an unbelievable, detailed persuasive opening argument. The state got very upset and asked the judge to have the defense attorneys removed.

    It’s really bad what is going on in there. The Defense attorneys told the judge they would not be threatened by the court.

  2. It shows how scared the prosecution must be of Stuart and TC: imagine asking the judge to remove Ms. Arditti’s counsel of choice!

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