Homicide statistics for Cd. Juárez

The Mexican government has made available for public access a database of homicide rates for Mexican cities. Through the database an analytical comparison between Mexican states and individual cities can be realized.

The homicide rates believed to be related to the ongoing drug war are determined based on the following factors, according to the government data collectors. For the death to be included in the data set it must meet one, or more of the following requirements.

First, the body must exhibit some type of gunshot wound. The location of the body and the circumstance under which it is discovered. The modus operandi of the drug trafficking organizations is taken into account when contextualizing the crime scene. And, the identification of the body is also taken into account.

The data available for Cd. Juárez is as follows:

Year     Execution   Murder/Assault
2007     134             2
2008     1,300         32
2009     2,204         26
2010     2,661           77
Data source: Mexican federal government

Execution is defined as a body found that does not seem to be a result of a fight between security forces and criminals, or criminals vs criminals in public assaults or gun battles. In most cases, an execution is a body or bodies found bound, tortured and murdered.

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