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City Council Review

  • Bicycle Paths – Requested greater evaluation of bicycle paths impact on major thoroughfares.
  • Contracts – Found Jar Concrete to be lowest responsible and responsive bidder for Del Norte project in District #2.  Silverton Construction lost the contract.
  • Housing Finance Corporation – Appointed Larry Medina to the HFC.
  • Taxes – Requested greater evaluation of impact of removing tax on leased vehicles for personal use.

Other news

  • A group of Mayor Caballero supporters have formed “Move El Paso Forward” to push the tax increase. The group is led by Bob Neil, an attorney and Lina Ortega, Caballero’s former law partner.
  • A poll by KVIA found that 64% of voters are against the tax increase.
  • El Paso Metro, Citizen’s for Good Government & United Tax Payer’s of El Paso have joined together to provide El Pasoan’s access to Voter Registration numbers via the Internet.

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