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Greg Allen and the El Paso Police Department

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9 Responses

  1. 👉, remember rest of fingers point at you says:

    This makes as much as sense as El Paso Hispanics yelling that the police department is prejudice against them. Amazing when 95% of the force is named Gonzales, Ramirez, Chuy, Jose.

    Now a a Black man, the Chief is unfair to a radical Black organization ? Is this socialism gone amuck ? Oh excuse me, they prefer to be called progressives. The BLM doesn’t yell “kill the pigs” or “pigs in a blanket” because they aren’t yelling about Hormel bacon. It’s not all Blacks, well then where is the mass outrage? Isn’t that what we say about Muslims?

    Leave the Chief alone ! He is being honest and the public is tired of all the lies and half truths. He’s doing a great job so what if he doesn’t agree with the progressives. We are progressing back to the sixties and all the chairs. The bald dudes with pony tails along with the sharpei skin women wearing flowery long skirts will be back in vogue. Nothing like greasy hair and filthy fingernails.

    So who is signing these letters, a politician that is a former council member. Remember the demeanor and anger that was shown in the council meeting. They were angry and demanding to know who derailed a project. Nothing was said by the media, wonder why? Remember the cheese comments and whore house tours of El Paso and published in an international magazine. Not a peep from the media, wonder why. They went on to bigger and better things in politics. But, you want to fire a Chief that is telling the truth? What about Lucha libre Lilley ? What Evil Knievel Robinson with his traffic violations? What about the council member that has to wait for instructions from a perv ? What about the shoeless Hatfield/McCoy council feud ? What about the Plaza project?

    The Police Department is singled out for having bad apples. What about 30 government officials doing time ? The school administrations that view school taxes as an additional income? Oh, let’s not that the staff that likes to be intimate with students? A former city manager that tells you, up yours and move on ? The county shouldn’t be pointing fingers at anyone, they have their share of shady manipulation by their staff and commissioners?

    Do any I trust any of the previously mentioned people ? Oh hell no ! At least the Chief told the truth ! Btw, for all we know the neighbor could be an informer or witness protection program, aren’t these people supposed to be hidden and not tell anyone about them ?

    So do we crucify the Chief and ignore all the rest ? El Paso is in very shape and getting worse. Forget the zika virus, the hoof and mouth disease among the politicians is more dangerous.

  2. Thomas says:

    Really ! Been a better piece if you had talked about Vero and her 12 apostles who openly supported a racist hate group. Then after doing so talked trash on Tweeter about Allen and because of backlash from the public had to race and pull the tweeter comments. Yep Vero does speak volumes but not about Chief Allen. Geeez!

  3. Ali Enrique Razavi says:


    Your narrow focus on Allen’s demeanor is racist. What you are saying is Allen is an “angry black man”.

    You should be better than that.



  4. Chief Allan Supporter says:

    agree with Ali 100 percent Martin.

  5. Local hero says:

    Martin, Of course he has the deameanor to the the police chief. He’s been doing so for years now. You just spewed a bunch of “arrests” not convictions to try and make them look bad. This is probably why your website has only 1200 likes. You suck at reporting, people can see through bs pretty quickly. Focus on those idiots who tried to reprimand Chief Allen for worry that they might be seen as “insensitive” to their constituents. GTFO with this crap. I fully support chief Allen. Do some reporting on the city budget so maybe the police department can get some new vehicles or better pay to up the numbers. Then again no one reads this crap but very few so it wouldn’t reach anyone important. I wouldn’t be here if if it wasn’t for chief Allen being involved, guess that’s what shitty reporters have to do is try and get readers by causing controversy. Do some legit reporting and maybe people would read it more.

  6. Barbara says:

    Forget the demeanor. He spoke the truth and politicians in our city didn’t like it so now they want him disciplined.
    That is absolutely, without question, WRONG! BLM is guilty of stoking the fire. To this day they still chant “hands up don’t shoot” despite the fact they know it was a lie. The DOJ investigated and couldn’t find any truth to it. Does anyone remember the name of the officer’s life they ruined? I doubt it. But everyone remembers Michael Brown. How about the Freddie Grey debacle? Three or four of the officers have been acquitted by a “black” judge. Yet they still protest. Why? Because it isn’t the justice they want or should I say this isn’t “street justice”….! How about the chant “pigs in a blanket” or “fry them like bacon?” This and the fact that some of their leaders have been arrested, now they want to dismantle law enforcement. I am glad Chief Allen had the courage to speak the truth. A rare commodity these days. Does anyone remember several years ago when State of Tx passed legislation to make abortions safe? I seem to recall Escobar and her cohorts on the courthouse steps with a clothes hangar (now that’s despicable) expressing their intense opposition to the legislation. Did anyone ask that they be “disciplined.” Although we were horrified by what we saw and every Christian of all denominations should have been up in arms, no one wrote a letter to anyone asking they be disciplined. I’m sure their defense would have been “freedom of speech.” So many things wrong in our city I pray, and ask others to join me, that El Paso wakes up to see the arrogance and total disregard for the citizens of EL Paso that a few would be bold enough to believe they speak for all El Pasoans. They don’t.

  7. ????s says:

    I love the disdain he has for the media vampires. Good job Chief. Those media slime are..well…slime.

  8. James says:

    Martin, FOIA requests about the conversations between the ones that decided to ramrod Chief Allen should be investigated. There were decisions being made within a quorum that created a document for action by the Mayor. This is in violation of ethics laws and Open Meetings Act.
    Have you looked into this matter as well, like you did with the obvious business discussion by the usual culprits as you described in the Tolbert piece?

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