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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

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2 Responses

  1. Connect the Dots says:

    The other issue is unethical conduct that is viewed as being clever or very smart in business. This conduct is handled with a nod and grin.

    The risk with unethical conduct is that although it is barely on the inside of criminal behavior is that eventually it DOES lead to criminality. Get away it with it a couple of times now they become emboldened with invulnerability. The belief that they are smarter than the last person that was caught. They justify their behavior by telling themselves it’s only tax dollars , if I don’t someone else will or a sense of entitlement. Unethical conduct can lead to being black mailed into committing crimes.

    A few will escape the net but keep in mind that they will spend their life looking over their shoulder, wondering who could make a deal.

    Some will ridicule Martin because they are involved, support those involved or refuse to believe there is a problem or are trying to preserve the region’s reputation.

    Bury your head, but the truth has to be exposed or at least get voters to open their eyes and ears and make informed votes. Unless they enjoyed getting screwed, are filled with apathy or believe the bs or want “freebies”.

    Corruption not just breaking the law, it’s as Martin states, looking the other way or doing a favor. A lil help with campaign money is being bought, not a part of politics.

  2. Thomas says:

    Martin the majority in El Paso do not care about corruption, they like it. It’s cultural and historical and is not going to change any time soon.

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