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Claudia Ordaz Caught Manipulating MPO Issue

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13 Responses

  1. Juaritos says:

    Wow, if this is true then Abeytia is really good. That doesn’t sound useless to me, just saying. Of that guy can manipulate all the media in El Paso like you say just from his blog and Twitter account then I want to hire him.

  2. Ali Enrique Razavi says:


    It’s funny that you mention that since Jaime was hired and then fired by Perez. If Jaime is getting paid by Perez and Ordaz, then that is something that would have to be disclosed in Perez’s and Ordaz’s campaign finance reports. Even if Jaime is doing it for free, it would probably still need to be reported as an in-kind contribution.



    • Juaritos says:

      So “if” he is getting paid. I guess there’s no way to prove or disprove that but isn’t that immaterial unless it’s a campaign activity? If blogging is a campaign activity then you all have to report then right?

  3. Anonima says:

    So the obvious question no one asks is how did this unemployed, illiterate deadbeat dad with a lengthy criminal record get a hold of this information? Well duh! Clearly Ordaz’s brain and sex partner, Vince gave it to the useful idiot and told him what to do with it, probably in exchange for an order of tacos and a Bud. The second question then is, isn’t that some sort of ethical breach for him to be spilling MPO info and buying tacos in exchange for political favors for his sex kitten? And speaking of, isn’t it a conflict for the two bed partners to serve together on the MPO? What if the city and county were to have conflicting interests? What about nepotism even if they’re only common law spouses?

  4. Sexkills says:

    In tomorrow’s version of connect the dots
    Abeytia goes to the grocery store stay tuned the dots will be connected for you who he bumps into and how it relates to your evening meal

  5. Anita says:

    I watched the City Council meeting today and it seemed that Ms. Ordaz barely understood the figures she was presenting. Somebody obviously fed her the information. She came off as very amateurish.

  6. Perception is Everything says:

    If you believe that El Lardo the con is that good, I would say then you are lacking in thought process. Notice how shady shenanigans always lead to one source. Something is very strange about this whole situation.

    If she can’t provide a proper briefing, it appears she was parroting. Someone needs to ask her how she obtained the information and when. Interview her about the information in a matter that would indicate if she knows and understand or just parroting.

    If it points to Vince, then it’s time to question him. If there is proof of unethical conduct, censure him and/or initiate recall.

    If it leads to El Lardo the con, then investigate his role in the alleged unethical conduct. Then any politician that associates with him should be a matter for voters to give it strong consideration. Challengers should exploit the relationship during campaigns. If the newspaper is involved, then there should be calls for firing.

    One theory does cross my mind. Was the information released to distract the public from the county commissioners problems? Or was this to promote an image for higher office?

    Why hasn’t the commissioners court investigated this issue and if proven take appropriate action. Unethical conduct is just as bad as criminal activity. It’s a betrayal of public trust and misuse of the office for gain.

    The Ethics Committee should start an investigation to either prove the allegations or put the speculation to rest. Or will this be swept under the rug?

    If there is proof, there goes her reputation. These people need to end their association with el Lardo. Perception is destroying all of them. They should know that. He was placed in the spotlight and his every move is being closely watched. It’s pretty bad when people inquire about hiring a bounty hunter to get him out of here.

  7. Connectthedots says:

    How dare Representative Ordaz bring anything to light that exposes what the other Reps such as Noe want to keep hidden. Noe, Acosta, Niland are what’s left from what they hid during the pre- ballpark shitty hall conspiracy. A élan such as Ordaz brings things to light about $20 million lost and suddenly she’s a parrot? She has no brain? Vince is the puppet master? Shame on you Martin for insinuating Ordaz can’t think for herself and shame on those who comment adding to what is clear discrimination due to her being a woman! Martin woman have left the kitchen they aren’t confined to the home to have babies if they so chose they go out into the workforce and they get elected into office! Martin you need to gain an ounce of dignity and self respect most of your blogs lately are about Jaime Abeytia and your obsession with him and how he is in the media circle and how he is connected and your not. If you’re not crying about Jaime your attacking the Catholic Church. You’ve clearly lost your mind and need to seek mental health care.

  8. Perception is Everything says:

    Gender is not mentioned or even insinuated as an issue,. Obviously you have a chip on your shoulder.

    This blog is strictly about alleged unethical conduct and should in the interest of fairness be investigated by the Ethics Committee to prove and take action or stop the rumors. Very simple, innocent then urge an investigation. This is a perfect example of why El Paso is in such a mess. Complacency ! Distortion of what is written to distract and defend.

    Martin is doing the correct thing. You might like being ostrich but but the rest want the truth. El Lardo just “happens” to be at the center. Once or twice is by chance, more than that, well. Where there’s smoke there is fire.

    Don’t like Martins blog, stay away. You need some treatment for gullibility and complacency.

    Martin, cvontinue !

  9. Abominable says:

    Ummm, no she can’t think for herself. She had no clue about what she was parroting. It was painful to watch. This woman is as dense as a rock, not much behind that big forehead of hers. She dispels the myth about blondes: Dense comes in dark varieties too. But besides the low IQ, the big issue is how Manteca the blogger got that info, which by the
    way, is NOT “lost” funding. Just a delay in getting a hold of the cash, some of it due to city incompetence (so what’s new), but also MPO bureaucratic hurdles such as the environmental studies. This falsehood that the money is lost is just part of the talking points fed to brown lard boy. (Anyone ever see the caked Manteca left over after frying the carnitas? That’s Abeytia’s blogger belly). The big story is the ethics issue. Someone wants the brown Stepford girlfriend on that board something bad. Why?

  10. Connectthedots says:

    ” brown stepford girlfriend” ” alleged unethical conduct”
    Martin you are a real hypocrite you delete comments unless there’s proof behind what is stated as in the case of Sammy Correjo. Yet you write about things that are alleged & allow comments that are ” alleged” and clearly not proven? You also allow comments that degrade women. The dots of your clear hypcracrisy and hate towards woman are definitely being connected.

  11. Revenge Porn is a Crime says:

    Connectthedots (aka as Abeytia person) It also says mantecas and makes fun of you/your friend. Is that reverse sexism? And if you’re so into upholding the integrity of women do you also call out your blubber our friend when he’s attacking other women that hit his masters’s

  12. Revenge porn is a crime says:

    Martin did make Jaime into ” 50 Shades of Jaime” sounds like he can make woman orgasm.

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