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The Forma Group Operative Revealed

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18 Responses

  1. Manny says:

    Brilliant stuff. It takes real commitment to see this through. Unlike me who relied on simple intuition to figure out why they were doing what they were. Norma Chavez did not support the slate of progressive politicians that pushed for the quintessential political issue of the last few years…the ballpark. Yet she was pivotal in the formation of Forma. It really seems like just a matter of the dogs turning on their master. It is quite sad reading what this man Ali had to write about, considering that he worked so closely with Norma. In the end, this organization, Forma, bought into the government/corporate welfare mantra, hook, line, and sinker. The same mantra that is driving exorbitant spending at the expense of sound fiscal policy. The same mantra that lap dogs like Karls-RUSE-r, and Lyingstar happily accept. Karls-RUSE-r does so for the possibility that his family will get “trickled on” by the monetary windfall of the power brokers in the community. Lyingstar does so because he’s hoping another politician will come along dumb enough to put him on the payroll. Ali does it for a reason too, and I hope you continue digging to find out what he earns in support of the leaches. In the end, it goes to show what a corrosive force government becomes when it serves the interests of a few, at the expense of decent citizens looking for a fair shot. I applaud your efforts. Well done sir.

  2. Vegas says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    And where’s Marissa Marquez in Al of this (pun intended)? There certainly a connection to that huge dot! (Pun intended)

    And Manny, felonstar is content with whatever loose change is tossed at him. Just check out the latest campaign finance reports. It’s interesting that a “fine” Westside lady like Cortney, devoted to her children and Dr. Nor would associate with a man who shares pornographic images of his children mother with his own children and then slut shames her in the media.

    And then you have his other friend, our county leader Escobar crying about bullying while feeding the monster by spreading chisme and intrigue for political gain. Disgusting.

  4. damaged says:

    max self identified yesterday martin. you are late, once again, to dinner. now the coolness is gone. thanks jj arms for the detective work.

  5. David K says:


    how exactly is a guy living in Dallas selling solar panels connected to a two person lobby/campaign shop? Is it time to admit that you, like Jaime, are wrong about the Forma connection?

    You wrote all of that and all you had was that Rick and Ali were both Norma staffers. What you failed to write was that Rick and Forma beat Norma and cost Ali his job. Explain that.

  6. Anonymous 2 says:

    Anonymous, I’ll tell where the Marissa Marquez dot is in all this. It is well known in Austin that she is friends with this Ali character and was close with him when he worked for Chavez. With the unmasking of Ali, Martin has now proved that she is also behind this. Wonder how her constituents would feel if they knew what she was up to.

  7. Vegas says:

    I’d be more embarrassed for being outed as a crappy writer and for having worked for Norma Chavez than being an operative for Forma…maybe.

  8. Anonymous says:

    And leave it to Grand Duke Favud KKK to twist and contort. The poor little can come up with more portions than a cheap silicone boobs porn artist.

  9. Rotten Peppers says:

    Sounds like some [removed by Martin], not an El Paso political operative.

  10. Ali Enrique Razavi says:


    I love you!

    You forgot some other connections. I was one time in the same room as the El Paso Association of Builders. I also shook hands with your friend then-County Judge Anthony Cobos. Wait, more than just shaking hands, I once was in the same office as him!!! I can go on.



  11. Ali Enrique Razavi says:

    Rotten Peppers,

    [removed by Martin]? I prefer “[removed by Martin]”.



  12. David K says:


    Don’t be a baby because they are laughing at you. Don’t censor such non controversial posts.

  13. Rotten Peppers says:


    I watched Lawrence of Arabia last night and the great performance of Omar Sharif as Ali. He was a [removed by Martin] too and a great actor, as well. They rode a lot of [removed by Martin] in that film.

    Love you both,


  14. Mike says:

    Really Martin? Your posts about trash pick-up in Orlando are far more engaging.
    By the way, I am the REAL max Powers!
    Love, Max

  15. damaged says:

    you worked so hard on max. now go find out who jumped Lyda-Ness.

  16. Rotten Peppers says:

    Martin’s jihad to out Max Power has removed a lot of the fun from the local blog scene. Now it’s just like every other blog scene: the angry crazies; the privileged failed politician white boy; and some [removed by Martin] from Dallas, the only one with any panache.

    Oh, and Martin. The paid mouthpiece of a sprawlmeister.

  17. Haiduc says:

    So like is “MAX POWERS” your Alter ego?
    Ying or Yang?
    Good Cop vs Bad Cop?
    SPY vs SPY?
    Lib vs Conservative??
    Light vs Dark?
    Good vs Dark Side Force?
    I believe there is room on the internet cloud for all opinions!
    Only the NSA knows for sure..and they are not Talking…
    …But Martin Paredes will follow your electronic bits and track you down.

  18. Manny says:

    I still think there’s some connection between Max and Karls-RUSE-r. Maybe Razavi sold Karls-RUSE-r’s clan some fake made-in-America solar panels for their building projects. Apparently Razavi is pretty good at concealing the origin of things, at least for a short period.

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