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Ten Inconvenient Truths That Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want You to Know

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40 Responses

  1. Extra lean Beef says:

    Come on Martin. You’re grasping at straws trying to tear Ted Cruz down. I’m no fan of his, but I have to clarify your beefs.

    There were several politicians that fall into the category of “natural born”. Usually the parents were military overseas, business or embassy staff. Should be easy for the court to answer this one.

    As for father fighting along side Castro, there were many that did that until they discovered he was no better than Bapitsa. So no one in the U.S. is going to make an issue out of that. Terrorist? Have you ever heard one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter? He fought against a dictator to free his country, didn’t matter who supported the dictator. He bribed a Cuban immigration official, how else was he getting out of Castro’s Cuba? Gaming the system? Maybe, but he could have found better opportunities in Canada. 3 citizenships? He was a Cuban citizen that went to Canada and later an American, so what? We have people that move to foreign countries and renounce citizenship to avoid taxes. His father jumped the line for a green card because he married a citizen. That’s the law!

    The only legitimate complain you might have is Cruz not knowing he was a Canadian. I find it odd it was never mentioned by his parents. But, look at all the dual citizens we have along the border.

    I find your beefs lacking substance. Perhaps the blog was written yo generate discussion. Even for a liberal, you really stretched this one.

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    Ted Cruz is not responsible for his father’s actions. Get over it.

  3. Vegas says:

    I don’t know a lot about Cruz. It seems his father has committed most of the transgressions you speak of. It sounds like the younger Cruz genuinely loves the country that he is a citizen of, whether he is a good politician or a bad one.

    Our current president appears to have a much more troubled history with his father’s actions and his own past. El Paso News, to my knowledge never delved much into Obama’s past.

  4. Pati says:

    I think this is a great post, pointing out the hypocrisy that is Ted Cruz when it comes to immigration (OK- one of them, I’m sure we’ll see more as his campaign to the Casa Blanca proceeds). Cruz is just another political thug exploiting the immigration issue to his benefit, providing that branch of the American Exceptionalism crowd that strongly dislikes the immigrant something to regard him as one of their own. That is for the time being. Ha Ha! But at http://www.tedcruz.com he supports immigration reform and Obama. Guess he fell asleep on that one.

    Seems to me that Papa Cruz is still a terrorist except that now a days he is not fighting against US of A interests (allegedly). Currently he enjoys terrorizing with the bible in his hand, sort of Christian ‘sharia’.

    ‘Terrorist? Have you ever heard one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter?’ from this comment above are we to see that Daesh/ISIL/ISIS is another man’s freedom fighter?

  5. Haiduc says:

    Ted’s Father is not running for office….
    Why don’t you summarize 10 points regarding our current President’s Father to be balanced?

  6. Extra lean Beef says:

    Pati, Pati. ISIL and the other Middle East killers hardly come close to being Freedom Fighters even among themselves. Their own fighters desert and are executed for the slightest infraction. Even one of their well known executers was beheaded. Must be karma. So I really doubt that they are viewed as heros even by their own.

    These maniacs are led by obviously insane people. They are doing exactly what the Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia, destroy the existing culture, books, educated people. The destroy the people to the point of becoming enslaved drones. The only that would benefit are the idiots at the top.

    A thug? Take another look at the definition. That seems to be the latest liberal reguritation for anyone that doesn’t agree with the liberal perspective. Before you call me a right wing thug, I am not a member of either party. I don’t subscribe to party mantra books from either side.

    His father is not terrorizing anyone with the bible. The only ones that would be terrorized are the nonbelievers or the religious cherry pickers. Since the thought of a bible terrorizes you, avoid the sun light and a crucifix, oh yes no garlic for you.

    • Leslie Piper says:

      Oh, come on. You don’t know much about what you hold forth so eloquently on. You don’t know nor care about what effect old Cruz has on his visitants. The big black book has been at a lot of actual burnings of non-believers, and of course you blithely ASSume your way is the ONLY way. Bibles don’t terrorize me much. Read it seven times before I was 20….King James, American Standard, NW Translation, Douey(sp?) a couple of others. Interesting, not too much relevant to me right now. Neither are you and either misled Cruzes….

      Glad I am that you so easily dismiss the rights and lives of ‘nonbelievers’. Jerk.

  7. guestGuy says:

    I think it is important to note that Ted’s mother was not stationed, assigned, or just visiting Canada. She was a permanent Canadian resident. All other questions of ‘natural born’ were due to the parents being out of the country on assignment of some sort, not permanent residence of the country abroad.

    It is a pretty clear difference.

    • FWorth says:

      guestGuy — you’re right! Cruz is contorting himself through what was already a loophole in the law. Not eligible, not electable, not honorable.

  8. Rotten Peppers says:

    John McCain was born in Panama (military base). Obama may have been born in Kenya if you believe Donald Trump. But both had an American citizen or citizens as parents. Me, I’m a strict constructionist on this one and think the constitution means what it says: BORN IN THE USA.

    • higgmeister says:

      My daughter was born overseas at the hospital on the Air Force Base. He birth certificate came from the US consul’s office as a US Citizen Born Abroad. She was also immediately issues an infant passport with her newborn picture. See there is a legal process in place to handle this situation. Did Ted Cruz have one of those birth certificates? No, Ted Cruz is not eligible.

  9. Extra lean Beef says:

    Rotten, legal definition is child is a citizen from time of birth. Not having to file to be a citizen.

    A child to the mother(U.S. citizen) is recognized as a citizen, regardless of marriage or not. Single father(us citizen) has to jump thru hoops for child’s citizen.

    Mother has to have been in US at least five years prior to birth of birth. Obamba and Cruz are US citizens. However the Supreme Court might have a different interpretation of
    the law

    • FWorth says:

      Obama: American citizen and natural-born American citizen.
      Cruz: American citizen (probably) and natural-born Canadian citizen.

  10. damaged says:

    there has to be balance and latitude, peppers.

  11. tirilon says:

    My 2¢

    First, Fulgencio Batista did not represent the interest of the US. However, he had made deals with Alphonse Capone & friends (not me or my family).

    Castro & Che were educated at the US Naval Academy in New Orleans, under Jesuit supervision.

    Now there is bad blood between Cruz and the Hispanics (non Cubans) because things changed dramatically when Exxon and Coca Cola got their lobbyists involved (the Cuban refinery and Cuban Sugar). Mexico was used to bridge the sale of the sugar to Atlanta. So… lets leave the issues of old Cruz out.

    Ted Cruz has aligned himself with the ANTI_MEXICAN Cubans. Whether they are right or no, the fact today is that he is anti-immigrant.

    Fact- Ted Cruz was born in Canada to a Citizen of the United States (one or two does not matter).


    Who issued his Birth Certificate? I suspect Canada.

    Was the intent of the Mr. & Mrs. Cruz to have their child, at the time, be a US Citizen? (Irrelevant in legal affairs, most important in ideology- Had they wanted him to be a US citizen, they might have taken the 1 hour ride to the US.

    When did Ted Cruz become a US Citizen?
    Is he a US Citizen?

    A US Resident MAY petition his child to be allowed into the US, provided: a Form I-130 is submitted, a 5 year residence period passes, apply for Citizenship, and if approved become a Citizen after an oath.

    If Ted Cruz did not go trough the correct process, he is just too old to get his DREAMER visa under the Obama deal. He is also too old to get in under the I 130.

    He is just an ILLEGAL ALIEN.

    Now, we are asked to be flexible. Is that the same as looking the other way and…not apply the law?

    The way I see it, he needs to be picked up and sent home.

    • jc says:

      Tirilon, good points, MAY petition for US citizenship, not automatic. If this had been done, if Crud had a CRBA he’d be waving it at the reporters. He doesn’t have it and can’t turn back the clock,sorry Charlie, you’re not a US citizen, certainly not natural born. He should be removed from congress ASAP

  12. tirilon says:

    FE. Line 15 should read: A US Citizen…not Resident

  13. Just the Facts says:

    I don’t know the details of Castro and Che’s background was obtained. It was written while under the influence or communist proganda.

    There is NO Naval Academy in New Orleans. Che never attended school under any Jesuit influence. Castro did attend an elite school managed by Jesuits. Castro and Che came from high income families. Castro is a graduate of University of Havanna with a law degree. Che attended Medical school in Argentine, never took the exam or undergo a residence program

    If a child, with at least one US citizen, is born in a foreign country. The birth is recorded at the US Embassy or consulate and is issued a cert of birth abroad. That certificate us accepted as a US Birth certificate and can be used to apply for a U.S. passport as a child. That child IS a US citizen. At no time is the child required to complete forms or take oaths later in life. Some countries recognized confer their citizenship on the child. And can be compelled to serve in their Armed Forces when adults. So children born overseas, later adults are cautioned to check laws before visiting the country. Haven’t heard of any cases happening.

    Those are facts and can be fact checked ! Ted Cruz us not illegal or undocumented.

  14. tirilon says:

    Jesuit’s Marine Corps JROTC Program offers a variety of co-curricular activities. Cadets enjoy all of these co-curricular activities during the year and can earn high school letters or certificates of commendation for participating on these teams. In addition to these activities, cadets can take field trips to the National World War II Museum, the annual air show at Belle Chase, the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL, and to Marine Corps bases during the biennial summer orientation trip. Cadets also participate in morale-building activities during the year, such as semester field meets, quarterly cookouts, and an MCJROTC dance.

  15. Just the Facts says:

    That is a major difference than implying the two were Naval Academy attendance and receiving combat training.

    Next you see a JROTC unit at a high school, pay them a visit and you will learn that nothing in the program has anything to do with combat training.

    Next time, please stick to facts

  16. TIRILON says:

    Just the Facts:
    I stand corrected, is not an Academy like Annapolis, however the facts remain.
    Second, did Mrs. Cruz file a FS 240 for her child. She needed that in order for Eduard to be a US Citizen at birth.
    Is there a US Birth Certificate or a Naturalization Certificate?
    Are his records open? Will he disclose his records?

  17. First Shirt says:

    Let’s see if I have this right. Ted’s mother met and married a Cuban. They moved to Canada and emigrated there, becoming Canadian Citizens. Later, Ted was born in Calgary, Canada to a Canadian mother and a Canadian father. He has a Canadian birth certificate. Which part of that is a Natural Born Citizen?

    • Leslie Piper says:

      Sweet. I admit, I am prejudiced AGAINST Ted Crud. If only the Obama-pursuers were true patriots and would turn their energies to really CRUSHING EVIL and focus their ire on Cruz for a few years, they might be good for something for the rest of us. Otherwise? Punks….

  18. Mae W.Lane says:

    Which country does Raphael owes Allegiance? Canada America or Cuba? Ted ‘s mother held a Canadian citizenship when she married his father, therefore all were Canadian citizens . She had renounced her American citizenship before she married his father , the dictator. His father did not complete his oath before he made it to Canada. and they did not follow the necessary filing to get citizenship.

  19. Pancho says:

    Rafael Bienvenido Cruz never “fought alongside Castro” except in his vivid imagination. The man is a prodigious liar.

  20. Bojangles says:

    Almost everything in this article is in Cruz’s book, but sshh he doesn’t want anyone to know.

  21. Jean says:

    Can you imagine paying a U.S. Senator and they make a lot and have a lot of perks for reading Dr. Seuss? He’s an idiot!

  22. Andy Attorney says:

    It is funny that Mr. Bienvenido Cruz is a violator of immigration laws blatantly: under current Ted Cruz policies, he should be deported. That is because: 1) he state he came on a student visa – however, that’s impossible – Since the enactment of the Immigration and Naturalization Act in 1952, in order to get an F1 visa (found in section 101(a)(15)(F) of the INA – https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/STATUTE-66/pdf/STATUTE-66-Pg163.pdf), one has to prove: (1) intent to return to home country; (2) means to pay for the course without working. Clearly, the circumstances of Mr. Cruz’s senior departure from Cuba would not let a reasonable person believe that he intended to return. In addition, he himself stated that he came with only $100 in his pocket – even in those days,not enough to support him through college. Furthermore, Mr. Cruz proudly states that his father worked as a “dishwasher” while in school – a violation of the immigration laws, which do not allow for students to work unless in certain narrow circumstances (not likely this case). As a violator of his student visa, he would be deemed inadmissible. He likely later became a lawful permanent resident through the Cuban Adjustment Act that was enacted in 1966 – not through asylum, which was only made law in the US in 1980. Even so, considering that Mr. Cruz Sr. openly divulged his participation in the Cuban revolution against Fulgencio Batista, immigration officials today would give him a hard time obtaining ANY benefits, including naturalization, unless he clearly and convincingly proved that he did not know that his involvement with Fidel Castro was not communism…. Possible, in his case, only because he was under the age of 18… In addition, when Mr. Castro Sr. left the US for Canada, he forfeited his lawful permanent residence. Unless he reapplied upon return, something in that story is fishy… This is why it is important that candidates have more compassion towards immigrants because probably their own families, had they immigrated in an age of technology like we have today (where it’s harder to conceal and lie), they would likely be deportable too.

    • ash says:

      Why are you completely ignoring the fact that he married a US citizen in your argument??

      • Eddie D. says:

        Andy is correct. The fact that he married a US citizen is irrelevant when he has a ground of inadmissibility, such as violating his student visa. He would need a waiver for that and re-adjust through his wife. MANY illegal immigrants are married to US citizens. And are removed from the US. For having grounds of inadmissibility, just like Mr. Cruz Sr.

  23. jc says:

    As a green card holder Cruz SR was eligible for the US draft and left the US for Canada in 1969 like many draft dodgers and returned after amnesty. Just curious if he registered for US draft & status.

    His citizenship and loyalty is definitely transitory

  24. Eddie D. says:

    I am an immigrant lawyer and I am very surprised that NO ONE has questioned Mr. Cruz’s Sr.’s student visa. The student visa program, since its inception, requires two important things: 1) proof that the student has enough money to finance his or her studies and will NOT WORK (which is a violation of the student visa in most cases); and 2) proof that the student WILL RETURN to his country. Mr. Cruz Sr. likely had none. On the contrary, Ted Cruz boasts of his father coming with only $150 and having to work as a dish washer. People are placed in removal proceedings for doing exactly that and they become inadmissible to the United States. Second, Mr. Cruz Sr. went to Canada after he got his green card – by living in Canada for many years, he forfeited his green card and his residence in the United States. How, then, did he return to the U.S.? Did he re-apply for a green card? Somebody should do a FOIA on this issue.

  25. Waa Was says:

    1. Ted Cruz is a natural born pos. A Senator from Texas, born in Canada. How did he do that, when 2 years ago he was a Canadian?
    2. Less than 2 years he was a Canadian Citizen. We don’t need Canadians or Cubans to Govern the United States.
    3. He is full of Lies and Deception. He wants to Impose a 19% Tax on everything we buy, including Food. Not good, especially for Retirees.
    4. He wants to put our hard earned Social Security into the hands of Wall Street.

  26. Dude says:

    If Ted was trying to run for President in Canada, he would be renouncing his Cuban and US citizen as we speak!

  27. Ed Garland says:

    Cruz held dual citizenship until last year, for 27 of his adult years and hid it. That violates the very intent behind the constitutional clause as well (which was meant to preclude us from having a President with divided loyalties). We are a nation of rule of law, we can not cherry-pick.

    Precedent plays a large part in constitutional law as well. If Cruz were allowed to be President, then if the Dems ran someone next time, who was a La Raza socialist, who had been born in Mexico to a Mexican father, and been raised there and held dual citizenship, he could also become our President simply because he had an American mother. (Ditto someone from Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia etc.)

    This is not a question of citizenship, as Cruz has knowingly, deliberately tried to spin it. There are three constitutional requirements to be President, and one is to be a naturally born citizen, which is not a slang term, but one which has historically meant being born to American parents on American soil, so as to preclude any divided loyaties. Rule of law does not run on a subjective case by case bases, but applies equitably to all. Cruz knows all of this, and deliberately created this ctrises with his deceit! Then, he attacked all of the messengers with all sorts of personal, dirty attacks. Well, they did not write the US constitution! Cruz is exactly the kid of candidate our founders feared.

  28. Anglocentric says:

    Ed’s comment rings true. This guy is an opportunist who really is only pledging loyalty to whatever achieves his objectives. But the bigger question is what has he done as a Senator for Texas? Not a thing. He has focused on grandstanding to get headlines. His useful idiots can rattle off a list of bills his name is attached to, but the bottom line is that he is doesn’t have a track record of actually getting results. His campaign has a trail of dirty tricks. In short, a vote for Ted is a vote for a self-absorbed guy with questionable ethics who is running for the next office before he has done anything in the office he was elected to.

    • defacto says:

      Fact: Ted Cruz is terrible. That having been said, I can’t help but wonder “How Many Inconvenient Truths There Are That “Beto” May Not Want Us To Know”….?? We need a Senate and a Congress that will pull all stops on Donald Trump! ( Please Don’t mention Jerome Tilghman. The man is a walking filibuster! )

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