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City Council Requires Three Representatives to Post Agenda Items

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4 Responses

  1. damaged says:

    ordaz doesnt like limon and she now seems to have secured some new pals. for once limon doesnt get to bully her way around the dais. good post. very interesting

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    Apparently, representing 100,000 people isn’t enough clout to put an item of the CC agenda.

  3. Divide and Conquer says:

    I think that Limon should form a committee to study the ethics of this especially if it is common practice at the state and federal level. If that committee determines that it works fine in higher offices then Limon should form a subcommittee to study this problem based on recommendations of the larger committee only on a smaller scale for the subcommittee. I believe that under her leadership she will be able to solve the problem efficiently in the most expedient manner to be able to garner the support she needs by guiding her variouse committees to conclude the logical answer. And the good news is that she has plenty of time left in her term to accomplish a goal.

  4. damaged says:

    City Council unanimously approved a Strategic Plan last fall. The strategic plan, under the heading of Good Governance, calls for 3 Council members agreement in order to put an item on the agenda. This is simply a matter of asking Council to follow their own Strategic Plan.

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