Notice Who Was Absent on the Cultural Center Discussion

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4 Responses

  1. wondering says:

    Why not build a multicultural center, after all other ethic groups helped develop El Paso ?

  2. U says:

    Why do we need said cultural center when the city is the cultural center. Its like UTEP taking credit for graduating Hispanics when the city they are located in is 82% or more Hispanic and it sits on the Mexican border.

  3. Rotten Peppers says:

    El Paso needs an Hispanic cultural center like Beijing needs a Chinatown. The place is already 90% Mexican. If you want to help Mexicans, teach them to be like anglos who really are an endangered species. You know, white folks values like literacy, college degrees, birth control, citizenship and voting, macaroni and cheese.

  4. Abel Rodriguez Jr says:

    We need to make sure that our history is available for our children. And Rotten Peppers needs to be exposed for the for the misguided hater that he is. To say that El Paso is 90% Mexican and rant on about what we should be taught about being Anglo shows a disrespect for our community. I was educated about American Anglo History and I have a College degree and I vote and have American Values, but Fuck your Macaroni and cheese. And FYI the Southwestern States are named in Spanish. So you are from The Pass, but I am from El Paso. Please make sure to tune into my Internet Radio show, “Dialogue” this Saturday at 7am to 9am on and listen to what I have to say about the B.S. you spew. F.Y.I. Anglos are not endangered, they are just not ready to become the Minority.

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