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Who is Paying Claudia Ordaz?

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13 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    I do not have time to check your numbers. If your data is accurate then this is some serious stuff. You better be right.

  2. Steve says:

    This is nothing more than a slam piece against Ordaz. I suppose you’d rather have Armstrong in there doing God knows what? Are you sure that is a better choice for El Paso? Claudia Ordaz will keep the city moving forward.

  3. anon says:

    how is this helpful if you’re not comparing it to the other candidates? completely one sided.

  4. SKZ says:

    Claudia Ordaz is endorsed by the Slimes…nuff said..she’ll keep us moving forward straight into bankruptcy

  5. Sammy says:

    I live in District 6 and I didn’t vote for her. Steve said she would keep tbe city moving forward. That tells us that she will do more of the same. We dont need more of t by the same. Everybody kept taking about change in 2008 but all tax payers have is a little change in their pockets. The people sitting in city council and county commissioners court might change but those pylking their strings behind the curtins are still the same. Open your eyes El Paso, this obviously is not about District 6 for Claudia and her handlers, it is about positioning their pawns in the chess game we call El Paso politics. What will be your next move in the ballot box?

  6. Fact Checker says:

    And your point is?

  7. balmorhea says:

    Allowing anyone, from anywhere to contribute to a local, state or national campaign is a lot of what’s wrong with our campaign finance system. All the these political contributions are probably legal. It’s very hard to believe that elected officials do not listen favorably to big contributors vs the little guy who gave little or nothing to a campaign. Even if contributions were allowed only from residents of a certain district, favoritism would still exist. That’s the reason a lot of people believe political contributions should not be allowed at all, including contributions to PACs. Qualified candidates would receive a set amount of funding from the government to finance their campaign and no personal money could be used. Campaigns would take place for a set amount of time — say two months. We would all be better off.

  8. David says:

    Why does anyone give this website any attention? He hates El Paso. Don’t you all get it!

    • balmorhea says:

      If you don’t like the blog why do you read it? Why does it even matter to you? Billy Joel said it best.

      I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life.
      Go ahead with your own life and leave me alone.

      In other words — have a nice life, elsewhere.

  9. Vegas says:

    I’m shocked by people who claim “so what?” or “who cares?”. Either these folks have just been so brainwashed that they can’t see how badly they’ve been sucked in by the political machine or they’re too stupid to understand the significance.

    Ordaz is Vince Perez’s live-in girlfriend! You can’t see that her political involvement is part of something much bigger!

  10. SKZ says:

    Live in girlfriend? She’s good enough to do, but not good enough to marry?

  11. Vegas says:

    I guess so, SKZ.

  12. Steve Fischer says:

    I like Claudia and I know why her support comes from different areas- Elliot Shapleigh told me he helps her. Martin As to the anonymous posting look at SKZ about. Sure they will post more if there is no responsibility for what they say. The benefit of getting married over living together — is not for society -its for Family Law Attorneys.

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