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San Jacinto Park Project; the Beginning of Another Corruption Scandal?

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5 Responses

  1. Carl Starr says:

    I worked for a company in KC that was indicted by FBI and U.S. Attorney for Racketeering. On the other hand when I was a Contractor I had little or no overhead and could underbid anyone. This Basic employee owned company sounds like the little company that could. A low bid goes more to the Contractors word than profit. I did a lot of jobs where profit was low and it was more about my word.

    On the other hand say you have 3 big local corporations [any 3]….rather than a racket it may be more a syndicate….surely big 3 cross paths and may even wine and dine together on occasion and naturally talked about their shared professions….there is no law against this. The buffer is, it takes city council action and the written in low bidder laws. In other words in our facts I do not know it is actually against the law if the big 3 want to ‘raise oil prices’ so to speak….don’t get me wrong I am against true racketeering….but given no more than we know here….it just may be, only be, how biz is done every day across America.

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    Time will tell and it will not be that long when we can view the completed plaza., hopefully without big chage orders. That should put the matter to rest and DK can eat his own words. Speaking of collusion and bids, how about that $14mm stadium “change order” that the progressives made us eat?

  3. Michael says:

    This bid is suspect. One assertion made by BASIC in defending their bid to council was that they get better price for materials for instance concrete. Do you think that this supplier is really giving a better price to one contractor that would significantly give an advantage to this contractor. When one of the competing contractors has completed millions more in business with this supplier than BASIC. Does not make sense. Even if BASIC’s Overhead and Profit was at ZERO the two competitors would only underbid anywhere from 500 to 700k. This still does not make up the 2.5M difference. The city council and or staff should have evaluated the subcontractors more closely. This project will go the way of County Sports Park debacle. BASIC is hiring unqualified subcontractors, and will try to pressure for more time and money as this project progresses. Then they will blame the A&E firms for problems relating to their design.

  4. J... says:

    Keep an eye on this….
    If the job is completed without issues and with the same quality materials as specified, then you might have a valid argument.
    But if the GC fails to complete, gets booted from job or starts to ask for excessive change orders, then we will know the real reason for the difference in prices.

    BTW, there was about a half million dollar gap between the #2 and #3 bidders.
    1) Basic IDIQ – $4,484,488.00
    2) VEMAC – $7,012,468.00
    3) F T James – $7,555,444.00

  5. Birdie says:

    We get to see what unfolds.

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