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The Idiot in Useful Idiots: The MaxPower Story

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15 Responses

  1. Rutherford Terrazas says:

    This should be a testament to the character of “MaxPowers” and the Forma Group. Anyone performing such practices lacks integrity and am not surprised that the “public servants” of El Paso (Marquez, Gonzalez, …) decide to flock with them.

  2. Rotten Peppers says:

    It would seem that to have any impact you would need a lot of readers which none of you appear to have. When I mention any of the local blogs to friends, I get a blank stare back. You all overestimate your minimal influence.

  3. Newslady says:

    rotten you are correct these bloggers have one or two followers and they think they have influence. they are all losers working in their mommies house.

  4. Benito Juarez says:

    Why are you not sharing what TypePad shared with you?

  5. Fools says:

    You are all fools for believing he knows anything. Parades just makes assumptions and proves nothing.

  6. Birdie says:

    I am glad that the toilet is getting flushed. Keep on flushing Martin. By the way…can you connect dots on our legal system. And yes, we are scared to tell who we are because we know retribution is being planned. We have 28 el paso citizens who are looking to vote independent but we don’t seem to be having one run. The Old Regime must go.

    • Birdie thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for your comments. I am in the process of researching information on various aspects of the legal system in El Paso. As soon as I have time, I’ll begin to post the results of my research. The solution to the problem is voter engagement. When voters demand better things will change.

      Thanks again,

  7. Richard Baron says:

    Some people are useful idiots, and some people are useless idiots, Mr. Paredes.

  8. David k says:

    As a long time Typepad customer who has had literally hundreds of inquiries made about me to them, I happen to know their policies on talking about their clients. They didn’t Martin anything. Do you know how I know that? I have called, pretended to be someone offended by my blog and pushed them to give me info. They hung up. Then they emailed ME to tell me that someone had called looking for info on ME. It didn’t take them long to recognize my voice.

    They don’t use google analytics. In fact – their page views and hits tracking is a unique system and why I pay for their blog platform. I do have google analytics plugged into my site for some info that it provides – but you have it wrong in the way you describe it Martin.

    As for the Forma Group and Max Powers being Ricardo Armendariz – you have obviously never met Ricardo. You also have missed posts where he has savaged Forma embarrassingly – especially Mark Smith.

    I know a few things about Powers, but I don’t know who he is. I do know who he isn’t – Rick Armendariz. Seriously, Armendariz hat the personality of a broken pencil.

    So, once again, the only person lying here is YOU. Why?

    • Really, is that the best you can do David? You write that YOU LIED to Typepad and then accuse me of lying? This from the person who, to my knowledge, has had to retract at least one post due to inaccuracies and had to post an apology for making stuff up on another.

      Oh, and as for the analytics, here is a little thing you can try before writing about what you have no knowledge about, it’s called Google. Try typing in “UA-225723” and see what pops up. You might just learn something.

      You’re not ready for the varsity because you’ve got no game. Practice some more at peewee and in time you might get into JV, just give up the varsity dream already.


      • Mike says:

        Martin, your conspiracy theories are really entertaining!
        The following quote at the bottom of my comment is straight from your quote above regarding a Google Search……… “you can try before writing about what you have no knowledge about, it’s called Google. Try typing in “UA-225723” and see what pops up. You might just learn something.”…

        “Colleen, Typepad Community & Support

        We just use it for general tracking – where traffic is going, what monitor sizes and browsers are the most popular, etc. We don’t collect any identifying visitor information, per our privacy policy. ”

        Excellent job of proving NOTHING, once again.

        • Mike, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And, I’m glad you are enjoying it. Just a quick point of clarification – my response was to David K’s statement that Typepad doesn’t use Google Analytics. Thank you for verifying it for David K, I’m sure he appreciates* being proven wrong again.

          Martín (*that was tongue-and-cheek for those with reading comprehension issues)

          • Mike says:

            Apparently you did not pick up on my sarcasm. Irrespective of yours and David’s disagreement, what did Typepad give you in light of what they were using Google Analytics for over a year ago? See, if you would have researched the quote I posted, you would have known that. Instead you reacted.

            So you have gone to great lengths to prove your point over a minor detail in the comments section of your blog. what you have NOT done, is prove, WHAT Typepad shared with you leading you to that Max Powers is in fact Ricardo Armendariz.

            In your case Martin, Richard Baron’s comment, above sums it all up for.

      • David K says:

        You’re still wrong – my back end tracking is not powered by google analytics. Typepad may have some general tracking they stick on my page, but it does not power the data I get on the backend. We are talking about two different things here. Either way they didn’t tell you Armendariz is authoring that blog because he is not and they wouldn’t.

        Nice try – where Are those depos you promised? Or were you lying about that too? I retracted nothing – I made a fool of your girlfriend’s lawyer. You aren’t wise enough to know the difference I guess

  9. ep reader says:

    “In the case of the MaxPowers character, I felt it important to expose him because of his hypocrisy especially when I realized he was nothing more than a tool for The Forma Group. ”

    For someone who: “believe[s] in the freedom of speech and the ability to express oneself without the fear of retaliation in the form of violence or interference in the professional or private life of the person expressing themselves” you sure did show that you enjoy being the Judge, Jury, Executioner

    “There are anonymous bloggers that I read and I have no inclination to find out who they are because they express an opinion about an issue normally with intelligence and thought. I may not agree with them but their blog posts are reasoned arguments intended to express a position.”

    Essentially what you’re saying, is that if you’re opinion is not intelligent and thought, you don’t count. (opinion definition: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.)

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