Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is El Paso News?

A: El Paso News is the longest running online news source in El Paso, Texas. We have been delivering the news and information that is important to you since 2000. We are hyperlocal. We publish the news reports the other outlets are not willing to publish for various reasons. We let the facts speak for themselves. Because are self-funded, we do not have limits imposed upon us on what topics we can write about or who may be impacted by our reporting. Our funding comes from our publisher, Martín Paredes and readers like you who help by making small donations to keep the lights on.

Q: Do you accept submissions?

A: Yes, we encourage submissions from anyone. As a hyperlocal publication we publish articles about El Paso, Texas and the issues that impact the community. We encourage anyone to submit an article from any political spectrum and from any viewpoint. The only thing we restrict are marketing writeups masquerading as articles, articles emphasizing link-exchanges for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes or articles on topics that have little to do with El Paso, Texas.


Q: Why do I need to create an account?

A: An account allows you to comment on blog posts. As of August 21, 2013 you no longer have to register to comment on posts.

Q: Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

A: As a subscriber to my newsletter you get periodic advance notice of issues I am currently researching and a list of open records I have submitted. Sign up to El Paso Digest by following this link for the latest news and information from my publications.


Q: What is your comment policy?

A: Our goal is to publish what you write, and we will make every attempt to do so. Unfortunately, there are some rules.

When you register and post your first comment and/or make a submission, we may review it. Assuming you’re not trying to start World War III, we will probably approve you as a commenter/contributor.

Once you’re approved, you have free rein on the site to say what you want, with a few exceptions. While we won’t delete comments just because they express a particular point of view, we do reserve the right to delete comments/submissions that, in our judgment:

  • are abusive,
  • off-topic and/or use excessive foul language;
  • are solicitations and/or advertising;
  • involve nudity;
  • appear to be primarily for the purpose of defamation, libel, or maligning and impugning others;
  • are derogatory based on race, religion, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation and/or otherwise similarly derogatory;
  • and, are otherwise detrimental to the site.

We rely on users to tell us when they think comments are abusive. If you feel that a particular comment is violating this policy or harming the community, please let us know.

Q: I posted a comment, why can’t I see it on the site?

A: Some comments are flagged for moderation before they show up on the site. If your comment is flagged for review it will appear as soon as it has been reviewed if it meets our comment policy. Comments that are not flagged for review appear on the site a few minutes after you submit it.

Q: There is a comment that I believe is violating your comment policy, what should I do?

A: Please send us a quick message letting us know why you think it violates the comment policy. Please do not forget to include a link to the comment so that we can easily find it. After we review it, if it indeed violates our policy we will take the appropriate action. We will let you know once we have made a decision. Please remember that this is a manual process and it may take us a few days to get to it. You can contact us at

Q: Why are you asking for donations?

A: El Paso News has been delivering the news and information you have come to rely on since 2000. Funding for the news outlet has come from the publisher, Martín Paredes. However, in recent years it has become more expensive to keep the platform operating and government agencies have started to charge for court records, documents requested under the open records laws and other research material we depend on to bring you our reports. Selling advertising is insufficient to meet our needs. To keep our independence we need your support. Each dollar helps us to keep you informed.

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