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This week's headlines were dominated by the city's audit of the gasoline use by city representatives, the climate charter scheduled for a vote on May 6 and the lifting of Title 42.
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First on tap.

On March 14, former managing director of the city’s economic development, Cary Westin was appointed by city council to serve as the interim city manager when Tommy Gonzalez departs at the end of May. Westin will serve in the position until a new city manager is appointed. City council is expected to begin the hiring process for a new city manager in coming weeks.

In other news.

Earlier this week, Paso del Sur, a community group looking to preserve the Segundo Barrio neighborhood, asked the county commissioners to buy city properties in the Duranguito neighborhood to begin redeveloping the neighborhood. City Council voted in January to abandon Duranguito for the controversial downtown arena. County commissioners agreed to begin discussions with city officials about the possibility of revitalizing the neighborhood.

Now let’s move on to political news.

Proposition K on the May ballot is drawing attention as Election Day gets closer. The charter amendment proposition, if approved by voters, will impose climate-related requirements into the city’s charter. The El Paso business community is arguing that the measure would cause economic hardship on the city, while proponents of the measure argue that the business community is operating on faulty assumptions.

In national news.

President Joe Biden named Castner Range a national monument on Tuesday. The designation of the 7,000 acres of land, which used to be a testing site for the U.S. Army, in northeast El Paso allows for greater investment in the clean up efforts to remove unexploded munitions still at the site.

And that is our news report for this week. Thank you for joining us today. This has been El Paso News Week In Review.

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