In case ya didn’t notice there’s a runoff on the GOP side of Congressional District 16. Williams and Amanadriz.

This race has been seriously stupid ugly on Williams part, from driving the wedge deeper withing the party itself, to shooting himself relentlessly on the issues he talks about. The most recent rasism.

This particular post about racism has been reissued various times during his campaign. Along with a comparison of Escobar and Amandariz how they “look alike” the way it’s worded makes Williams appear sexist if anything. Given the recent events of Floyd ya think he wouldn’t “go there” well he did.

Ya know I introduced Williams to Veterans Party of America where he received an endorsement as an Independent. Boy do I certainly regret that, Williams since then has seriously gone way off the rails. His campaign has been nothing but piss & vinegar even as a Republican.

I attempted to “clear the air” between him and I just to try and get a better understanding of his mindset. I frequent Mckelligon Canyon on these legs and invited Williams to a stroll, and he chose to hide behind arthritis. So I’m thinking to myself “if he actually gets the nod” this is how he’s gonna represent. Hiding behind the seat??? That action alone spoke volumes.

Recently he’s taken to wearing Westen gear, nothing wrong with that, but “Ol Whistle Britches” needs to know good guys wear white cowboy hats.

So I’ll close saying this, when seeking a candidate chose one who can clearly represent the needs of the people and get a clear understanding of who, what, when, where and why they are running and aren’t full of themselves or fecal matter!!! Hasta Mi Raza!!!


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues