Being Comfortable in my own Skin

My last writing was my journey up to weight loss surgery and small accomplishments. After being released from the hospital the patient begins a three phase diet that leads up to regular food.

We are required to go through a three stage diet leading up to solid food.

2 Weeks liquid this includes protein

2 Weeks Pureed food baby food consistency

2 Weeks Mechanical Soft food steamed protein and veggies.

In any weight loss progam these are requirements, due to the surgery itself staples, stitches etc are involved and you just don’t run right into solids. A friend of mine put it this way “you don’t givd a new born roast beef” you start slowly and gradually work up to solids.

When you finally get to solid food it’s like “well hello old friend”!!! Um no!!! My wife and I went to a restaurant I ordered 6 ounce baked salmon with about 4 ounces of steamed veggies. I had two bites of Salmon and one bite of the veggies and the show was over!!! No!!! I worked so hard for this moment!!! I ended up with a doggie bag and it became my meal during the week.

I assure you it gets better. I used to plan ahead for the date night stuff and review online menus when they are available. I basic as it’s sounds “chewing” is an issue, you want a “baby food consistency” before you swallow. That was my biggest hang up, being in the Military and working in the construction trade where you “shove it in” and taste it later was my biggest obstacle. I end up having “foam” going up my esophagus.

You learn to “pump the brakes” and “engage your brain before you engage your pouch/sleeve”. You become a “label reader” while grocery shopping focusing on nutritional value as you have made your digestive system more efficient. It is definitely quality over quantity.

Clothes, I was a size 46 waist and 4XL shirt, at my one year mark I went down to a size 32 waist and large shirt. I donated 6 trash bags of clothing to Veterans Non Profit an organization who “walks it and talks it” in the Veteran community.

03/01/18 & 03/01/19

Supplements, every bariatric patient starts with prenatal vitamin with iron, regardless of gender. I kept a close eye on my bloodwork during that 1st year and any additional supplements are based on your bloodwork. As long as you have a good understanding about what is going on with your body during that 1st year you should be alright.

Aches and pains of going from “round” to “thin”? Some of my “big boy” problems followed me to the skinny side of the bench, primarily spinal stenosis of my lower back which was recently taken care of through lower back ablation or burning of the nerves in that area. It was rather quick and uneventful at a local pain center.

Due to my injuries as a Marine I have a 30mm plate below my left knee and right knee replacement. During my time in service I became a runner, played various sports at each duty station including some minor league baseball in Okinawa Japan. Due to my recent activities since 2017 the possibility of having a left knee replacement has come to light. My perspective on the issue is “I’m too young” for matching knee replacements.

Lefty and Righty

Things I’ve beaten, diabetes within a month before surgery, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Insulin injections two types up to 4 times a day and sleep apnea. My other medications which were four pages long.


Weight loss surgery as anxious, anxiety, and frustrating as it may appear to be has been a “rebirth” of myself to a time where it’s easier to smile, laugh and finding things, like my lap, personality and ability to tie my shoes without passing out. As I say in Support Group meetings, “It’s the most selfish and most rewarding” thing I’ve ever done.

I manage a facebook page “Life After Being a Fat Body” it’s filled with more of my journey, motivational quotes and other folks in the weight loss world that I follow. “Love Peace and Taco Grease”!!!


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues