The unprecedented street protests against Donald Trump within his first ten days of office puts into question the legitimacy of his presidency. First, it was the Women’s March across the country. These were followed last weekend by the airport marches decrying the Muslim ban and the wall. The intensity of the protests and their emergence less than ten days into Trump’s administration puts into serious question the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s Administration.

Donald Trump has taken to social media and the news outlets to attempt to create the narrative that he is a popular president. Trump has argued that he lost the popular vote because of illegal votes cast by immigrants. Although the veracity of this claim has been disputed by reputable sources, the fact remains that the possibility exists. As such, it cannot be readily dismissed.

However, crowds of protestors converging in public places cannot be so easily dismissed.

Each new presidential term has its detractors. Traditionally, the detractors dwindle as the new administration takes shape. That is not the case for the Donald Trump Administration. Protestors, instead of dwindling in numbers are growing in intensity.

Instead of protesting the results of the elections, the most recent protestors are reacting to executive orders signed by Trump and rallying around them to force them to be retracted. The recent crop of protestors are reacting to public policy instead of continuing to debate the results of the elections.

The United States last experienced these levels of national protests during the Richard Nixon era. The underlining factor driving those protests was the Vietnam War and Nixon’s unpopularity and corruption in office. Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace and the United States is still wrestling with the ghosts of Vietnam.

This fact puts into question the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency.

As the intensity and frequency of the protestors increases, the result is that the ability of Donald Trump to govern is diminished as the intensity rises. Governance requires a measure of tranquility. Growing protesters erodes the tranquility and distracts from the need to focus on important governmental matters. They also result in higher costs for the communities where they happen because of the need to maintain law and order.

The more the protestors rise to challenge the Trump public policy – his legitimacy as president is further eroded.

If the intensity of protestors gets to a certain point, the country becomes ungovernable. As a result, Trump’s legitimacy as president would be nonexistent.

That is something to keep in mind for the next few weeks. If protestors continue to rise, Trump’s dynasty may end like Richard Nixon’s.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

5 replies on “The Legitimacy of Donald Trump”

  1. However, crowds of protestors converging in public places cannot be so easily dismissed.
    I was watching the free speech advocates at Berkeley on CNN (Clinton News Network) when I picked up your blog post. Let’s see: hundreds clothed in black like ISIS; masked faces; successfully preventing a speaker (Milo Y.) from talking; throwing objects; breaking windows; fire bombs; vagina screechers and toilet justice warriors. All of them fighting the good fight for the 1st Amendment, except the parts of it they do not want to hear about.

    Yeah, you just can’t argue with the legitimacy of the Trump opposition when you have a quality crowd like that. You’re right, Martin, Trump is toast.

  2. Jerry K
    It’s the faces of real fascist in America today! The sugar tit generation with support of the Progressive Democratic Party,PDP. You know the ones before the election chided Trump supporters for talk about violence and disrupting Queen Hillary if she won. Believe the word hypocrites for STGs and the PDP is appropriate and accurate. You know the PDP that want whites in the back of the bus or any one who disagrees with their new brand of fascist racism that they try to pass off in the name of ,of, of,what is the word, oh diversity.

  3. Martin,

    Why don’t you spend time exploring George Soros’ military background, political views and protest organizing activities. Then look at the Dems’ contract protest organizers–you know, the ones hired to make it look like Trump supporters were violent who got so out of control in San Jose they actually started chasing and beating up Trump supporters. Large demonstrations don’t just happen. They are organized by paid activists. Follow the money and you see the political motivation.

  4. Here is the real issue when the left stand by and doesn’t denounce such violent of this type over and over then it tacit approval by their silence. What we saw in Berkeley last night was the real life example of fascism! There was one young lady pepper sprayed who was a Milo Fan but was also giving here support of peaceful protest. Others were beaten who had nothing to do with what was going on. As one of the victims said this is fascism in action, this is the definition of fascism.
    Martin the Progressive are the ones who are delegitimizing their party, position and the sadder part is people like your self are helping. From the start of the election the left overwhelmingly are the ones who made the choice of violence , the choice to suppress the rights of others , the choice to attempt to suppress the right of free speech. Martin if you do not speak out over this then you to sir are complicit in such acts and actions by your silence which gives tacit support to these fascist.

  5. The issue is that the left is better at organizing protests. That’s true here and abroad. Perhaps it’s because leftists youths can organize on social media and because they are loud. Perhaps it’s because there are so many unemployed who can take off a week to protest. The rest of us can’t spend a day protesting at an airport because we have that thing–what does the world call it? That’s right a JOB!

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