Friday, by the end of the day you and I, will find out what Veronica Escobar intends to do with the public documents about Greg Allen that she has refused to release to the public. As you likely know, earlier this month I received a copy of a letter that the Texas Attorney General sent to Jo Anne Bernal.

In the letter, the Texas Attorney General wrote that the County should release the documents that Veronica Escobar has in her possession in regards to El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen and his comments about the Black Lives Matter and the subsequent Escobar-led letter asking that he be sanctioned by the El Paso City Council.

You can get more details about this by going to this link. This link gives you more information about the Texas AG letter.

The letter gave the County ten business days to either release the documents I requested, to argue that the County has no documents in its possession, or to request that the Texas Attorney General renders an opinion on whether the documents are public information or not.

As of late last night, I have not received any indication from Veronica Escobar or the County on what she intends to do with my public information request. As I understand the letter, she has until end of day on Friday to take action on the request.

I expect that Veronica Escobar will release the documents to me, however nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to notion of open and transparent government.

As soon as I find out what she intends to do I will let you know via my blog.

Martin Paredes

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