As you know by now, the FBI has recommended that Hillary Clinton not face any charges in relation to the year-long investigation into her home email server. Hillary Clinton has proclaimed this to be a victory. However, what the Clinton camp cannot erase is that the FBI has shown her to be a liar. Here are five lies the FBI has proven.

Before I get into how the FBI investigation proves that Hillary Clinton is a liar, I need to point out the stench of the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch a few days before the FBI made its announcement. By any measure of any standard, even the lowest standard possible – the meeting between the two, although described as a “chance meeting,” is inappropriate while there is an ongoing criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton. Lynch also made it official yesterday – that there will be no charges filed.

No matter how Loretta Lynch characterizes the meeting, it will forever carry with it the stench of political favoritism in a criminal matter. This is another one of those cases where Hillary Clinton appears to receive a political favor from someone in power. Rather than vindicate Hillary Clinton, there will always be the notion that the only reason that the FBI did not pursue charges was for political expediency.

Even though the FBI did not pursue charges, the statement by FBI Director James B. Comey are damming to Clinton. They also prove she has lied.

Here are five Hillary Clinton lies that the FBI proved.

1. The FBI determined that Hillary Clinton “used several different servers and administrators of those servers” over the four years that she was at the State Department. Hillary Clinton has said she only use one server. This is lie number one.

2. The FBI also determined that Hillary Clinton used “numerous mobile devices to view and send e-mail” through her personal email server. Hillary Clinton asserted that the home email server was needed so that she could use one device to access her email accounts. As you can see, the FBI says that “numerous” devices were used by Clinton. This proves that Hillary Clinton lied about why she used a home email server. This is lie number two.

3. The FBI also found that of the 30,000 email returned to the State Department by Hillary Clinton, 110 of those emails contained “classified information.” “Eight” email chains were determined by the FBI as containing the designation of “Top Secret at the time they were sent.” Another 36 contained “Secret” information. Hillary Clinton has insisted that she never emailed any “classified material” to anyone. This is another lie by Hillary Clinton, it is number three.

4. The FBI also found that Hillary Clinton did not turn over all of the public record emails that she has asserted that she did. Although Hillary Clinton turned over, over 30,000 emails, the FBI found “several thousand” public record emails that Hillary Clinton did not turn over to the State Department. Hillary Clinton has told the public that she turned over all of the emails she had. This is another lie, as disclosed by the FBI investigation. The FBI found “several thousand” and turned them over to the government. This is lie number four.

5. “Clinton and her colleagues…were extremely careless in their handling of classified information…very sensitive, highly classified information.” In addition to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she never emailed any classified information through her personal email server, Clinton has also asserted that she should be elected president because of her integrity and her experience. Clearly, her mishandling of sensitive and classified information makes her unable to serve as president of the United States. Clinton’s assertion that she is presidential material is also a lie as evidenced by the carelessness of how she handled classified materials as proven by the FBI.

There you have it, five examples of Hillary Clinton lying to the public. These lies make her unfit to be elected president of the United States.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

6 replies on “Five Hillary Clinton Lies Proved by the FBI Investigation”

  1. Hillary personifies 1% justice, i.e., “just for us.” Same formula Wall Street uses but her supporters just cannot see the contradiction. “She’s a woman. That’s why you notice this. “

  2. “The Hill” was given special treatment. How many of us average citizens would have been allowed to speak to the FBI at our convenience. You do not have to show intent to violate the law and ignorance of the law is not a defense but seems in “The Hill”s” case it was. Also once Lynch was caught with Bill Clinton any person with common sense knew the fix was in. Had this been a nobody State department employee that had done even less they would have gone to jail.
    “The Hill” is a poster child for the double standards of justice in America one for the elite, powerful and wealthy and justice for us the peasant class.
    Then we can just give “The Hill” a free pass because she suffered from a bad case of Affluenza and did not know better.

  3. Reminds me of 2007 Bush/Chaney but nothing was said and done then, not even an investigation…..hmm I wonder how that one slipped by. Kinda like a C average, pampered pilot, DWI, cocaine, silver spoon President!

  4. So how can anyone vote for Hillary? They will because the voters are not interested in the honest running of the Presidency, it’s more of a beauty contest. Hillary should have been indicted just like they did with Gen. Patreaus and others. Her work for the Clinton Foundation smells so bad it makes the stench of this “investigation” smell like roses. She and Bill are the most ruthless politicos in America. They learned their trade well. Meanwhile Obama goes on the stump for her and he says “shes the most qualified ever”, finally admitting that he wasn’t and still isn’t. Railing against Trump because he says stupid things is a lot different than railing against a security risk who gets a pass because she’s Hillary. That damned Arkansas mafia is alive and well and will reap millions from her term. I think the upcoming America will rival the corruption of central and South America and of Mexico. Watch out…stupid people will vote for these two and then sit back and wonder where our nation went.

  5. Gen, it has been proven as to why Iraq was invited. There were wmds, they are not some giant weapon. They come in various sizes and forms. As for the profiteering, that has been an ongoing practice dating back to WW2 ! Both parties had politicians that invested in war contracts. The drug activity, read the reports of heavy cocaine and marijuana usage in the Clinton Whute House. They’re all guilty of indiscretions that are not investigated. Stick to the current candidates.

    Hillarys indifferrence has revealed Top Secret and special categories that can destroy national security. I hope you don’t think for a minute foreign agents ever stop trying to obtain the inside info. That includes our friends. She did more damage than any of the previous traitors providing everything from codes to policy decisions. Ever wonder why Putin went into Crimera, the Chinese claimed the South China Sea, the boldness in the Middle East. Someone knew in advance of the U.S. reactions.

    Trump is another issue, not much better, in that he can’t keep his mouth shut. So far he hasn’t released sensitive information but they’ve studied him enough that they can make an educated guess about him.

    Both of them are involved in their private college scandals. A slippery eel is a slippery eel. Look, common sense dictates that even though the boss( three in this case)says its your decision, the fact they are watching is going to affect the decision. Anyone else would be debriefed, barred access and prosecuted. There is an ongoing action where a USMCR major is going to be thrown out of the service. His crime, he released the name of a dangerous and corrupt Afghan to US military members operating that area. Why? To urge caution when dealing with the sob and operating in that area .

    We are in one hell of a mess, no thanks to ignoring situations and hoping they get better in time. No policy is not good policy. I can’t believe people are willing to have a continuation of no action policies. As they say we are in very deep kimchee.

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