As I promised you, I filed numerous open records requests with the City asking for video, audio, logs, video and any information that they have about the Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez Whataburger Incident. Yesterday I received a response for my eight requests. I asked for the log files from the three police officers involved, as well as memorandums, videos and any other forms of communications about the incident. The documents that the City released to me included a copy of the “Information Report” documenting the incident. It also included the “Chain of Command History” log that is part of the report.

All police radio calls to the police dispatcher creates an incident number, or a “P” code. The City released a summary of the incident log sheet to me, as well. Included with the “P” log, was the chronology of events as documented by the police dispatching office.

I also received a recording of the initial call made by officer Maria Robles to dispatch asking for a supervisor. You can listen to it by clicking play.

I am including a complete copy of the documents for your review. You can download them here.

I am also going to point out some interesting details to you, as well as transcribe the radio call for you to make it easier to follow it. With the help of an El Paso police officer, who graciously provided some insight, I have also defined some important details for you. The transcription follows the explanation below.

As you listen to the radio call, you will notice that officer Robles seems nervous, or excited during the call. Two individuals who listened to the audio, one happens to be a police officer agrees with me that the officer seems nervous or excited. It turns out that the police officer seems to have caught herself in the position of not properly identifying that she was “off duty” when she was working at the Whataburger. The code “Ocean” signifies the officer is off duty. However, in order to track how many hours the work they are supposed to report the start of an off-duty shift to a supervisor. We all agreed that it is likely the reason that she seems to have garbled her call, as she tried to correct her mistake and announce that she was working off duty.

A Lincoln unit is a supervisor. The number “3” indicates that the supervisor is working the graveyard shift.

The Audio Transcription

El Paso Police officer Maria Robles: Ocean 2464

PD headquarters female voice: Ocean 2464

El Paso Police officer Maria Robles: Ocean 2464

PD headquarters female voice: Ocean 2464, go ahead

El Paso Police officer Maria Robles: Meet me out at 12140 Montwood, ma’am, ‘til 0600 hours, you have a supervisor…{garbled} that … [asking for supervisor to respond]

PD headquarters female voice: 10-4, headquarters to any Lincoln unit

Third unidentified female voice, assumed to be Detective Milner: 3 Lincoln 7 1

PD headquarters female voice: 3 Lincoln 7 1, Ocean 2464 is requesting a supervisor out to 12140 Montwood.

Third unidentified female voice, assumed to be Detective Milner: 10-4, is it going to be the Whataburger?

PD headquarters female voice: 10-4

Third unidentified female voice, assumed to be Detective Milner: 10-4, In route from the station

PD headquarters female voice: 10-4 at 2:11

Reviewing the logs, you will likely see that other officers were reported in the area. Only two police units officially responded to the scene. The other police units are a common occurrence. They were described to me as “looky looks,” or other officers that drive by and want the “chisme” as to what is going on.

The police copy of the incident also clarifies two additional details for us.

The first is that the “Blue Team” report seemed to indicate that there was a DVD of the incident. There was not. It turns out, as explained in the report, erroneously someone cut-and-pasted text in the report that seemed to indicate a DVD existed.

This brings us to the question of alcohol consumption and driving.

As you likely remember, police officer Alejandro Picardo is quoted in the report as stating that he “smelled alcohol on Vincent Perez’ [sic] breath.”

The original report did not let us know who was driving the vehicle that Corona, Ordaz and Perez were in. As the “information” made its way up the chain of command at the police department, Commander Raymond Chaires pointed out the alcohol odor and asked for clarification as to whom was driving the vehicle. Sgt. Milner, the detective, clarified that Vince Perez told her that he was driving the car. Sgt. Milner initially wrote that she did not smell alcohol on Perez while she was talking to him. Milner added that she followed up with officer Picardo, who again stated that he smelled alcohol on Perez’ breath.

Two days later, Milner clarified that she smelled alcohol on Perez’ breath.

Both she and Picardo agreed that Perez did not seem impaired or intoxicated.

Note, how Sgt. Milner, who wrote the “information” did not mention that she had also smelled alcohol on Vince Perez’ breath in the report. It wasn’t until later, after being prompted, that she finally agreed with officer Picardo that they both smelled alcohol on Perez’ breath. Officer Alejandro Picardo was consistent throughout that he smelled alcohol on Vince Perez’s breath, who acknowledged being the driver.

Finally, as you may recall, the police reports – all versions of them – identify the third individual as “Jose Corona.” Vince Perez, however told the El Paso Times on May 11, 2016 that Jose Corona is actually Jose Balaguer.

The police report, that was released to me, provides a little more clarity. It confirms the name as “Jose Corona” and provides a birth date as well as race and gender. The police officer I consulted with states that it is possible that the individual did not have any identification on them, at least that is what he may have told the officers. In that instance, the police officer would ask for the full name and the date of birth in order to run the individual through the police database. It is unclear whether police officers ran the individual for warrants.

What causes everyone I have discussed this with to pause, is that we know, through Vince Perez’ own comments through the newspaper, that the police officers asked for identification from the three individuals. Perez stated that the officers took only his, and Ordaz’ identifications, but not the third individual, who was accused of causing the disturbance the brought the officers to the scene.

That just does not make sense.

Also, look at the “information” under “Reporting/Involved Citizen Information” and you will note that Jose Corona has a birth date notated next to his name. Claudia Ordaz and Vince Perez do not have the same notation. This could mean many things; however, I find it strange that a birth date was noted for Corona. It makes even more sense when you consider that if Corona did not provide identification, then the officer would likely run him for warrants and a birth date is needed for that.

That still leaves us with having two names, Jose Corona and Jose Balaguer. Only Vince Perez and Claudia Ordaz seem to know who the individual really is.

But ask yourself, why such a confusion about who the third individual is?

One would think that police officers should know who they are dealing with, especially when the individual is the one that brought them to the scene by his own actions, which is not in dispute.

At this point we know that Vince Perez had alcohol breath and was driving late at night. We also know that an individual jumped out of Perez’ car and caused a public disturbance that caused El Paso Police Officers to respond.

It is now up to you to decide for yourself the rest of the story.

If you haven’t already, you can download the responsive documents here.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Smells like more than alcohol breath. Someone is covering the facts on both sides.

    Perez smells of alcohol and admits to driving. No field sobriety test because judgement is based on appearance ? Wonder how many people get that break.

    No ID and a fake name. Why wasn’t a check done ? If they had the name and DOB would not match. Still don’t know who Corona is, ask him to go to be IDed by the officers. Simple enough, obviously he lied and now he needs to explain why he provided false information.

    Impeding traffic, disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, false information. Hhhhmm, somebody wasn’t doing their job or were influenced by titles.

    The dynamic duo + one have acted irresponsibly, immature and proved they do not belong in their positions. Ms “I’m famous” is awfully quiet. Karma, she screamed about Romero’s conduct so long that it came back to bite her. Why isn’t anyone screaming about her conduct and investigating for malfeasance of authority? Why is Perez still in office ? He’s proven that he is not fit for office. It started with hiring of the perv and went south from there.

    1. Or could it be that this individual didn’t know what name to give and since his Vato Loco sidekick is named Jose L. he gave his name plus the drink of his choice, Corona. Come on really what out of town we would not be carrying his wallet unless it was someone local on probation. That’s why Vince and Claudia pulled the “Do you know who I am” card to protect Jaime Corona.

  2. Can’t say that I am surprised, I wonder if any of the officers involved will mysteriously get promoted, take a vaction or no longer work for the Police Department. Well, I am curious as to the date Jaime Corona gave for his D.O.B. I mean has to be a significant date, maybe from one of his kids that he hasn’t paid child support for, don’t know what do you all think?

  3. BTW Perez & Jaime have allegedly edited audio before to incriminate individuals in recent courts. Do some more digging Martin and you will uncover some interesting things.

    1. Yes Martin, you should dig more on this. I heard the recording of Jesse Gandara trying to bribe the Licon family was even worse than what was played on the news. Also heard there are more recordings of Gandara and another Socorro official involved in some other really ugly stuff. Follow the trail, connect the dots. The truth is out there.

      1. You’re the only one we can trust to get to the bottom of these things Martin. Please help.

  4. First no one know who the other person was perioid. If we were Jaime two of you here would being speaking with our lawyer. Also if you are going to make such claims against Jaime take ownership of what you post you cowards with your real names. Yep your gutless. Also if you think Martin is going to protect you he will give you up in a heart beat if he thinks he will be sued. Yep Martin has your e-mail and IP address.
    We give credit to Martin he takes ownership of what he post.
    Also if something was done wrong what are any of you gutless, spineless, coward, individual going to do about it? Nothing but whine, bitch and wring your hands!
    Also if you truly believe Jaime has broken the law some where,any where, stop being cowards and get on the phone report him. Yep he is not hiding, can easily be found, so step up to the plate and make the call or stop talking out your coward asses.

    1. Max
      You okay, lil’ buddy! Max you should be the last throwing rocks for poor behavior of those in government. Norma and you had some real questionable behavior moments yourself at times too.

  5. Thomas, there is not enough to file anything. Anyone can sue for anything, doesn’t mean there will be any money.

    You do good until you get on the lawyer rant.

  6. Am I missing something here? You advertised this is something we don’t want to miss because of police audio. You made it sound like you had something incriminating on tape. This is a conversation between an off-duty cop and dispatch. Why are off-duty cops even using tax payer resources to supplement their income? That’s the only real interesting thing I see here. You have a tape that you advertised as something big and it doesn’t mention either of the two and you have a report that says Perez wasn’t intoxicated. So what exactly are you saying is going on? It sounds like you’re implying there was a cover-up, but everything you’ve shown just sounds like it wasn’t even as routine as a traffic stop. You indicate that the officer sounds nervous or excited in the call but to me I have a hard time distinguishing between the off-duty cop and the dispatch other than one appears to have an accent. And for dramatic impact you highlight something about smelling of alcohol but you didn’t applied bold text to the part in the next sentence where both offices said they weren’t impaired. So I’m confused, are you doing a news story or are you trying to prove something from a personal point of view?

  7. I think Thomas loves the perv. The news media should find out who the slob in the back seat was. Ask them on TV.

    1. Anita
      You and others call Jaime this all the time but the charges you always bring up were never proven and were dropped but of course you wouldn’t want to say that because it would go against your false narrative and this Anita make you a lair. You the court documents are real easy to get they are public record and you will find Jaime was only found guilty of a minor offence. Then again it was like with Jordan until you were prove you do not know what you were talking about. Glad people are allowed a thing called due process . Anita you are just one more bumble in El Paso.

      1. Guilty of a lesser charge is not the same as cleared of the original charges. He admitted what he did and people who know him say he was a perv before the charges. Maybe you are one too or maybe you are him. Perez and Ordaz should be ashamed to be associated with him.

  8. Sophomoric Behavior &Unfit for Office
    Yep your right there is not jack to fill on Perez, Ordaz or Jaime if it was you can put money on it it would have already happened.So morons out here do not get the police here in El Paso arrested Jaime are they so stupid not to realize that they run checks for warrants and came up with none so what does that tell you about the morons out here talking bull shit every week about Jaime. The only charge he was found guilty of was misuse of a computer that was not much worse than a traffic ticket. Some of you need to get real. Once again if you believe the non- sense make the call! Real easy to find out how to fill ethics complaints at the city, county and state avail yourself.

  9. Anita,

    “Socorro & Thomas” are one in the same its Jaime Corona aka your Prev, Jaime has a hardon for the Gandara family apparently but you might want to look into that Martin. Every time some one brings up IP addresses, the law will investigate it’s Corona’s tactic to scare people.

  10. Vendetta915
    Let me let you in on something stupid any time Martin says I can put up my phone ,E-mail address and a map to may house I will so you morons can come visit Ole Thomas then you can come get you a whole heaping helping coward! Unlike you I us my real name and take ownership of what I post. Even better look me up in the phone book under Thomas Dorman idiot. So sparky come on down gutless! We do not hide from anyone! Real easy to find! Call and tell us you arer coming will leave the light on for you but like the coward you are you will only show up in the dark or when you think no one will see you punk.

  11. Thomas, you lost it.

    You don’t need Martins permission to post any personal information you desire. I doubt anyone is really interested or cares. In case it doesn’t prove anything, if machismo is your plan.

    No one cares or pays attention to the lawyer rants. You sound like an old buzzard trying to rattle the saber one last time. Put it away before you hurt yourself.

  12. Just Humor or Ignore
    Nope your were proven liars and cowards once again and having done so you lost idiot. Once again in the phone book real easy to find gutless.

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