Apparently, Jaime Abeytia has been telling anyone that will listen to him that I distorted his extensive criminal record. Several of you have requested a complete list of Abeytia’s criminal record as well as the sources for the information. Rather than respond to each request individually, I am going to publish it on my blog. I will then send those requesting additional information a link to this blog post.

Jaime Abeytia’s Criminal Record:

On July 9, 1996, Jaime Abeytia was charged with failure to register in Arizona, a misdemeanor. [AZ 45491509] There are also various traffic violations including failure to maintain financial responsibility as well as the suspension of his driver’s license from 1994 through 1996.

On April 6, 1999, Jaime Abeytia was accused of “theft of property.” This was a Class B misdemeanor derived from a check he wrote with insufficient funds. Abeytia made restitution for the check on April 26, 2007.

On August 3, 1999, a warrant against Abeytia was issued in Arizona for “interfering with judicial proceedings.”

On December 3, 2002, a warrant for Abeytia’s arrest was issued out of Maricopa County for “failure to pay child support.” As of today, that arrest warrant is still open, according to the Maricopa County’s website.

On May 21, 2004, Abeytia was accused of a Class A misdemeanor based on a “computer breach” charge. This case was refiled on December 17, 2004. As a result of these charges, Abeytia accepted “deferred adjudication” for this crime. He was assessed 100 hours of community service. This case derived from his taking computer flies from an employer without authority. [County records: 20040C18459]

On November 7, 2007, Jaime Abeytia was accused of another “theft of property.” [EPPD police report: 07-309141]

On May 15, 2012, Jaime Abeytia was investigated by the El Paso Police Department about a “criminal mischief” complaint. The police record, 12-136025 is unclear as to what the allegation was.

On July 3, 2012, Jaime Abeytia was again investigated by the El Paso Police Department on a “burglary of habitation” allegation. [EPPD police report: 12-185173]

On May 13, 2013, a State Felony was filed against Jaime Abeytia for unlawful access of a computer system and for displaying harmful material to a minor.” Abeytia tuned himself into the Sheriff’s Department for booking on February 8, 2013. On June 6, 2013, the state felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. In the felony charge, Abeytia was charged with showing a nude picture of his common law wife to two 17-year-old daughters. [County records: 20130C06078]

On October 27, 2014, Jaime Abeytia pleaded guilty to “breach of computer security.” This guilty plea stems from the May 13, 2013 case. This is the second guilty plea he makes for two separate computer breaches. He was assessed one-year probation. I have requested a copy of the terms of his probation and his guilty plea and as soon as I receive them, I will post them for you to review.

What is important to know is that Jaime Abeytia is currently on probation, as a result of pleaded guilty to a crime.

I have also received many emails and messages with additional information about various other legal proceedings against Abeytia. As soon as I review the documents for authenticity, I will update you with additional information. I am also waiting on a copy of his probation documentation as well as his guilty plea filing. I will also publish those as they become available.

As to the individual that sent me an email threatening legal action for calling Jaime Abeytia a criminal, I attempted to respond to you with additional information but your email address is invalid.

To those arguing that Abeytia’s criminal past has nothing to with being appointed to a city board, well, all I can write is that nothing I add to the discussion will change your minds.

For those asking me on how to stop this travesty, it comes down to bringing attention to Abeytia’s criminal past. That is completely up to all of you. You should consider sending each city representative a copy of this post.

If, by some reason of insanity, Michiel Noe has not removed his agenda item request by today, it will take one city representative to ask that the item, number 5.6, be voted on separately during the consent agenda reading tomorrow.

By asking for the vote to be voted on separately, all city council representatives must vote “yea” or “nay” specifically on the appointment of Jaime Abeytia to the cultural center subcommittee. If the city representatives allow the item to remain as part of the consent agenda item, all of them can hide their vote under the guise of voting for the whole consent agenda and not for Abeytia’s appointment.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

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  1. Texas needs a three strikes and you’re out law. At the rare this scourge breaks thd law, he would favs a lifetime sentence.

  2. I was on the radio with this bumb for a while. This guy is a slime ball. His criminal record does not give you the whole story. Now I believe in second chances. I believe that people can have low points in their lives where they make mistakes. Many people can bounce back after realizing there are better things in life and making big changes in the way they live. Then there is Jaime Abeytia. This opportunistic POS doesn’t care about anyone but himself. The deadbeat didn’t even have money to put gas in his car to drive to the radio station so convinced me to be his sidekick. He didn’t want a sidekick really, he wanted somebody who could drive him around for free. The radio station didn’t pay radio personalities and he had no job so he was broke. I later found out by him gloating that he convinced the station to give him a gas stipend. Did I see any of that money for gas? Nope. Jaime was a leach. Candidates and elected officials would invite him to their events and give him food and drink. I won’t even start to tell you some of the people who we rubbed elbows with. Several of those people are in prison now. Jaime was also a tech whore. He would get small tech gadget gifts from candidates and elected officials and in return Jaime would put them on the air. Jaime is one of the reasons why KHRO 1150 could not bring in any advertising revenue. He would give away the radio station’s airtime for Ipods, cell phones and recorders. The guy couldn’t pay his own cell phone bill so he would ask me to borrow money and would promise to pay me back. I’m not sure if it was like a payday loan where you pay it off when you get paid or more like a car loan because it has been at least 48 months since I lent him the money. But wait, there’s more. The POS had a side dish that would come down to see him from Phoenix while his common law wife worked her butt off to support him. When his wife would ask why we got home so late from the radio station he would make up some lame excuse blame me for not taking him home at the normal time when in reality he was screwing around on her. His common law wife did so much for him. Jaime would tell everyone that he lived in Las Tierras neighborhood. That was far from the truth. There was dirt in the trailer park he lived in but it was not in Las Tierras. They lived in a mobile home owned by his common law wife’s parents across the street from the Jail Annex on Montana. The dead beat didn’t pay rent and the Dodge Caravan he would drive was paid for by her parents as well. I can go on and on with the questionable things he did while we were on the radio but it would take way too much time. Teresa Caballero hates him for what she knows he has done. She would feel even worse after finding out what she doesn’t know he did to her and her family. There are just some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Jaime has and will always be that guy that will trample all over those lines. It is and will always be about him and only him. This dumb ass La Raza moron who doesn’t even speak Spanish, using the the words vato and ese does qualify as speaking a second language, is an embarrassment to the people he claims to represent. Don’t be fooled like I was. Don’t let Jaime Abeytia continue pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Don’t let Jaime Abeytia be appointed to this or any other commitee.

  3. LMAO!! The stuff Sammy just wrote is priceless. Most people don’t know Jaimen as well as Sammy does, so i believe every word of this. It truly is amazing, what sort of characters enamor the liberals. Liberals would endorse satan if he advocated for more taxes. Jaimen’s antics should warrant him a slot in Chris Matthew’s side show, if he insulted liberals. Sammy, you should bring back Ala Derecha…

  4. So, I guess this should convince
    most people that Jaime is a poor loan risk. What does this have to do with El Paso politics? Is this long recitation of the Jaime Chronicles a roundabout way of sliming Josh Dagda, or is Jaime Abeytia the grandmaster of the local illuminati? It’s not clear to me.

  5. It seems that his main credential of having worked as a fly-by-night radio guy hardly qualifies him to be on a cultural committee. That should be enough to disqualify him without going into America’s Most Wanted territory.

  6. Niland’s doggy pooper scooper. His attempt to distract attention from thd loud rumors about her family’s lucrative cash cow thanks to city QOL lighting projects is laughable. He spews his drivel about his open records tequest producing zilch, but even a semi-illiterate fool like him knows the city would not have trcords of subcontracts or he didn’t request SUBcontracts. And of course, he actively deletes and censored a comment about this. He may not get his extra share if coins from Jack’s ashtray if he does. The poor bastard tries so hard to get up close to Niland’s abundant behind, he’s looking darker than usual. What the poor Panzon doesn’t realize is that Cortney may like her men on the hefty side, but they gotta be white, educated and rich. Poor, poor loser.

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