In a press release issued by the El Paso Hispanic Chamber on August 1, the political technology startup, Fair Data, has teamed up with the chamber to launch the “Bordered By Change,” a new El Paso leadership group. Fair Data is a startup technology company building a next-generation political voter App. As we reported last year, five El Pasoans launched a technology company to build a voter database application. A sixth member joined the team later. The six partners are former mayoral candidate David Saucedo, former county commissioner Vince Perez, political consultants Chris Hernandez, Jeremy Jordan and Carlos Sierra. Rounding out the corporate leaders is the lead programmer in the App development, Gumaro Melendez. Their Landslide App has since evolved beyond voter data to include a full-featured texting platform and an advertising integrated dashboard.

According to the press release, the Bordered By Change leadership program will launch on August 9. The Hispanic Chamber’s MBDA Business Center is leading the program. Cindy Ramos Davidson, the CEO of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the operator of the MBDA Business Center, said that “the future of El Paso depends on those who are willing to lead. In a border community that faces many cultural and political complexities, we must acknowledge that El Paso’s leaders cannot fit into one mold- they must make their own. They must develop their leadership skills and learn from those around them- a leader cannot lead without the proper tools.”

Email announcement for Bordered By Change.

The presser added that Bordered By Change will help set up “our future leaders…for success.”

The Bordered By Change fellowship program is chaired by David Saucedo. Saucedo said that the “program is specifically built to help bridge” the gap between success and contributing to El Paso while taking “El Paso entrepreneurs to the next level.”

Bordered By Change will launch its inaugural class on Wednesday at Elton’s Dueling Pianos. The six partners of Fair Data will be the panel guests for the inaugural class. The event is open to the public, according to the press release. It is scheduled to start at 6.

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