An email was sent today to city council members and the mayor’s office by the Women’s Voices for Political Reform PAC. The email states that the “purpose of this notification letter is to initiate a recall effort against a sitting member of the City Council.” The email does not name who will be recalled on Wednesday. However, El Paso News reached out to several individuals who may have knowledge of the recall and investigated the PAC.

According to the PAC’s email, they are recalling the unnamed city representative because they “engaged in making willful false statements and committing acts for fraud, [and] directly impeding the impartial execution of the provisions of the city’s charter.”

The Women’s Voices for Political Reform PAC writes in their statement that it “believes in holding elected officials accountable for their actions and ensuring that our community is represented by individuals who embody integrity, respect, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of all.”

The PAC, according to the records of the Texas Ethics Commission, was created on June 14, 2023. Its treasurer is listed as Deborah Paz. El Paso News reached out to the email listed on the email to city officials for comment. Deb Paz, who describes herself as “an engaged citizen and PAC treasurer” responded to our query for information.

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Joe Molinar To Be Recalled

We sent the PAC an email asking for confirmation that Joe Molinar was the one to be recalled. Several of our contacts suggested that it was Molinar who would be recalled, but none could confirm it.

On March 1, Molinar was reprimanded by city council for harassing a city staffer at a holiday event.

Paz responded to our request confirming that Joe Molinar was to be recalled by her group. According to her response, “Molinar will be the first city rep[resentative] who faces a recall challenge.”

According to the group’s email to city officials, the PAC is “a leading advocacy organization dedicated to promoting ethical conduct in politics and amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities in the political sphere.”

No word yet if other city representatives are to be recalled by the group.

This is a developing story and El Paso News will report additional details as they become available.

Martin Paredes

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4 replies on “Breaking Story: Joe Molinar To Be Recalled On Wednesday”

  1. C’mon, Martin. You are better than this. Joe Molinar is not “being recalled” on Wednesday. This is merely a ‘pre-announcement of an announcement of an intent to try to cause the recall of Joe Molinar’.

    This type of sensationalistic reporting is something you used to be against. What are you doing here?

    I would have thought that someone of your journalistic caliber would peel back the curtain on this and delve into who exactly is driving this effort, and why. My non-journalistic nose smells a political hack job, likely meant to deflect the media who may be getting a little too close to uncovering a different story of substance.

    But I could be wrong – after all, you’re the professional here, right?

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your comment. I am doing my best to keep my personal opinion out of my reporting. I am trying to focus on the facts. Today, as I reported, a recall was filed against Molinar. There are many rumors as to who is behind each of the complaints, recalls and political maneuverings going on in anticipation of the 2024 elections. But they are rumors. I have formed my own opinion as to who and what is going on. Although I sometimes write editorials to help fill in the blanks I am trying to encourage others to express their opinions on this platform while I focus on the facts. I encourage you and others to submit editorials as to what your thoughts are on these and other political issues happening now. If, and when I am able to conclusively report who or what is behind these issues rest assured that I will. Please submit editorials to news @

  2. Yes, Martin. I understand, and I also have some strong “suspicions” as to who is behind this. But I do take issue with your headline: “Breaking Story: Joe Molinar To Be Recalled On Wednesday”, which almost seems to reveal “your personal opinion”. Wouldn’t the “facts” be better stated as a “recall petition effort”? That seems a little more factual, but maybe a little less clickable.

    1. Hi again Michael, no argument from me about the headlines. My publication lives and dies on the number of eyeballs that land on it. Eyeballs, unfortunately, are driven by click-bait, i.e. “clickable” headlines. I don’t have a non-profit behind me raising millions to sustain operations so I use what tools I can to keep this publication sustainable. So, yes you are correct. I’m open to suggestions on how to sustain this platform without relying on clickbait.

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