Breaking: An email was sent to El Paso’s news media this morning by an anonymous person using the name “Ana”. A copy of the email was also sent to Brian Kennedy’s city email account. In the email, the individual who only identifies themselves as a “Westside El Paso” resident, accuses Brian Kennedy of violating the city’s Code of Conduct. El Paso News asked “Ana” via email for more information but did not receive a reply by publication time.

In the email, “Ana” points to the video of yesterday’s city council meeting starting at around the 4:36 mark. El Paso News reviewed the footage. In it, Brian Kennedy is heard telling Chris Canales that a financial issue was “smoke and mirrors financially.” Kennedy then adds that he told them that:

“They can take their endorsement and stuff it up their ass!”

May 9, 2023 hot mic recording of Brian Kennedy

According to the unknown individual using the moniker “Ana,” who sent the email, they were present at the meeting and “heard” Brian Kennedy make remarks that were “directed towards the Fire and Police members attending the meeting to support item 52.”

El Paso News took the original city council meeting video on Youtube and enhanced the audio. What you hear in the video has been enhanced to bring out the voices.

Item 52 in yesterday’s city council agenda was a discussion item to authorize the use of $15 million in surplus sales tax monies “to solely support Police, Fire and civilian compensation increases.”

The author of the email added that they believed Kennedy’s comments were “inappropriate and unprofessional.” The author asked Brian Kennedy to apologize for his remarks.

In a telephone interview, Brian Kennedy told us that he was returning from the meeting when a member of the media asked him if his “actions could cost him an endorsement.” Kennedy said he was “offended” by the question. Kennedy would not provide the name of the news media personality to us. Kennedy says that his comments to Chris Canales were “a little salty” and that he was not “proud of them,” adding that he was reacting to being “offended” by the question he was asked by the unnamed individual.

Kennedy added that “anyone that knows me, knows that I would not vote based on endorsements.” He added that the item passed unanimously and that he voted for it. “The issue was about process,” he told us, and not about the firemen and policemen. Kennedy says that he believes that the fire and police union understand that he is “looking out for them.”

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