El Paso voters who vote during the early voting period traditionally represent Election Day voters. As such El Paso News can predict the final outcome for the city council races based on the early voting tabulations. Early voting is a good baramoter of the final outcome.

District 1

In district 1, El Paso News believes a runoff between Brian Kennedy and Analisa Cordova Silverstein is inevitable.

District 5

In district 5, El Paso News predicts that incumbent Isabel Salcido will convincingly retain her district 5seat for another term.

District 6

In district 6, El Paso News predicts a second runoff. In this district, the incumbent Claudia Lizette Rodriguez outperformed the challenger Art Fierro by a margin of 10 points.

District 8

In district 8, El Paso News predicts a third runoff between Bettina Olivares and Chris Canales.

Stay with El Paso News for continued coverage of Election Day results. Tomorrow we will tabulate the final results and analyze the financing and the political strategies deployed by the various campaigns. We will look into what is next for the runoffs.

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