Yesterday, a reader posted a video on our Facebook El Paso Digest group page sharing a video from The Real News Network (TRNN). The reader said that the family “needs help” and the journalist in the video asks that the video be shared to help the teenage daughter and father in the video. According to the TRNN website, their mission is to connect “movements, people, and perspectives.” They are a nonprofit media organization, according to their website. The video shows an interaction between several El Paso Police officers and a father and his daughter on April 19, 2021. After viewing the video, we felt it was important enough to show our readers.

We are in the process of contacting TRNN in an attempt to contact the family. We will report as more information becomes available. This is not the first time that El Paso Police officers and the leadership have been accused of abuse or misconduct. We have reported on many of these instances. El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen was suspended for five days on June 3, 1993, for abuse of a minor for an incident in 1992. On June 8, 2016, Allen was recorded by the news media stating the members of the Black Lives Matter group are “a radical hate group”.

We will continue to investigate this incident and report as more information becomes available.

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  1. El Paso Police are bullies and they hide behind the badge but they are cowards who abuse their power and on top of everything police investigate police so nothing changes, cowards cowards cowards

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