As El Paso Politics previously reported, Vince Perez was hired by the Canutillo School District to run the two failed bond election measures in 2020. As we reported, Vince Perez was paid about $12,000 for his work on the bond election, according to the public information we had at the time. Missing from our original reporting were the amounts spent leading up to the election that would not be reported until January 15, 2022.

The PAC filed its report on January 11.

One of the largest contributors leading up to the election was Woody Hunt at $10,000. However, as we reported on December 8, we did not have a complete financial picture because of the pending financial report that was not due until last Saturday. Now that we have the final financial disclosure report, we can report the final numbers to our readers.

According to the report filed by the Just For Kids PAC, in total, the PAC for the failed bonds raised $69,000. They spent $55,947.28 for the bond effort. Woody Hunt contributed a total of $15,000.

In addition to the $12,780 paid to Vince Perez that we reported in our previous article, we can now report that in total Vince Perez was paid $44,932.06 to manage the two failed school district bonds. Perez accounted for almost 80% of the total monies spent for the failed bond measure.

In recent days, a reader reached out to us asking for copies of the open records request documents we received from the Canutillo School District last year. According to the reader, the school district was stonewalling them on releasing the documents to the group.

Last December we also faced hurdles in receiving the response to our open records requests filed with the school district. We were forced to make two requests and we had to remind the public information officer of their duty to respond to requests for documents under the Texas Public Information Act.

We finally received the requested documents on December 8, 2021, past the expected due date for the public information request.

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  1. Just For Kids PAC? There needs to a be a Truth in Labeling law for PACS, because this one was clearly Just for Woody.

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