As El Paso Politics reported on Saturday, an alleged police report was filed by Dora Oaxaca and Isela Castañon-Williams against Lily Limón (corrected at on June 29, 2021 at 10:47E) for an alleged assault against Oaxaca. We have been diligently trying to obtain a copy of the police report. However, according to Lily Limón, there is no police report on file. Here is the latest on this strange ongoing saga of a police report that does not seem to exist.

El Paso Politics filed two open records requests with the El Paso Police Department through the City’s open records portal and one directly with the department’s public information officers via their email account. We have not received a response from the PIO’s office and the City is delayed in responding to open records requests because of the pandemic.

We left a message for Detective Victor Ontiveros but have not received a response from him at press time. We will continue to try to contact him today.

Unable to contact the detective and because the police department’s PIO have been unresponsive to our requests, we sent a local representative to police headquarters on Raynor to get a copy of the police report. Our representative was told that “no police report” exists in the system.

We then contacted Lily Limón to follow up on the report. From our previous reporting Limón was scheduled to meet with the detective yesterday, however she rescheduled for a later date. Limón assumed that a police report was generated because the detective wanted to meet with her.

We asked Limón if she had a copy of the report because we were told one did not exist at the police headquarters.

In an email response yesterday, Limón wrote that she “spoke to Det. Ontiveros requesting the case number for the report that was filed against me.” The detective gave her the case number: 21-16-7217, in the morning, according to Limón.

Having been told that our representative was told that a police report did not exist, Limón wrote back that she “followed up with him (the detective) again this afternoon to see if I could get a copy of the report.” According to Limón, the detective told her “that there was no report, that all he had was a header with the date and the names of the filers.”

We assume that the “header” the detective refers to is a computer-generated sheet with a title and date information.

Limón added in her email that the detective told her that “there was a video interview that was taken at the Westside Station.” Limón added that the case was sent directly to him and he was to follow up with me (Limón) to get the other side of the story.” According to Limón, the detective told her that it “was a very unorthodox way of filing the report.”

Because of the controversy over the police report that doesn’t seem to be a police report, it should be noted that Dora Oaxaca’s husband is city representative for District 7, Henry Rivera, who is a former police officer. This is not the first time that the El Paso Police Department is embroiled in a whisper campaign to benefit a political outcome.

In September 2012, Dee Margo was involved in a minor car accident on the Westside. In December 2012, Dee Margo lost his House seat to Joe Moody. After the September accident, a whisper campaign surfaced in the community alleging felony charges against Margo. The police department told the El Paso Times that there was “an open investigation” but refused to provide details. After the election, it was revealed that El Paso Police Officer Alberto Machorro, Jr. was the individual involved in the minor fender-bender with Margo. Alberto Machorro was issued a five hour suspension from the police department for his participation in the creation of a police report accusing Margo of felony evasion arrest.

As El Paso Politics previously reported, Dora Oaxaca told KVIA about two weeks ago that she had filed a police report against Lily Limón. We have been unable to obtain a copy of the report after numerous attempts with City officials. It was insinuated that a complaint had been filed on June 23, about a week after the alleged incident by Oaxaca, and possibly by Isela Castañon-Williams. However, the alleged “report” seems to be nothing more than a video submitted to the police station.

The email address we have on file for Dora Oaxaca was returned to us as invalid. Therefore we have been unable to contact her for comment.

El Paso Politics will continue to monitor this story and will update as more information becomes available.

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