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May 4, 2021  

DescolonizARTE Youth Art Showcase & Mural Reveal in Chaparral, NM 

Chaparral, New Mexico: The Empowerment Congress announced today the completion of the spring 2021  DescolonizARTE workshops in art and social justice with colonia youth from Chaparral and Anthony, NM. The  semester will end with a youth art showcase and mural reveal outside El Bayo Restaurant (300 Paloma Blanca  Dr.). The mural “Respirar” was designed by program participants with feedback from Chaparral residents and  dissects the idea of breathing during a global pandemic, the environment and justice all within the Chihuahuan  Desert.  

DescolonizARTE is dedicated to empowering youth through art and social justice education. Components  of the program include:  

● Taking direct feedback from youth participants about the topics they want to learn and adjusting our  curriculum. 

● Empowering youth to be bold and make a lasting contribution to their community, and through this  mural, make a statement about environmental justice. 

● Creating their own piece of art for public display using social justice themes.  

Youth Program Coordinator – Martin Esquivel; Lead Artist – José P. Montoya; Assistant Artist – Gerardo Caldera 

We will showcase art created by the youth as various expressions of justice. An outdoor mural reveal will take  place on Saturday, May 22nd at 6:30pm. Interviews conducted by the youth will be on display and a few invited  guests will speak. Finally, the mural will be revealed to the group. Spectators will have the opportunity to meet  the artist and teens that helped bring this creation to life. Watch social media for details! The event will follow  all necessary social distancing measures. 

Empowerment Congress of Dona Ana County 

Bernice Barrientos  

Empowerment Congress Dona Ana County  


With Permission of Decoloniz ARTE, Empowerment Congress of Dona Ana County 

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