SEEDS for Change, in collaboration with Mount Allison University and Framingham State University, are pleased to host las Krudxs Cubensi, as part of the Learning Without Border Initiative. Please share it among interested parties.

Topic: Maternizando lo patriarcado (event in Spanish)

Date: Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Time: 2:30pm (Atlantic Time, Canada)

Registration is required:

About Las Krudxs Cubensi

Krudxs ( Krudas) Cubensi, Cuban Transnational Queer and Feminist Hip-Hop Pioneers, Working Class Independent Musicians, immigrant poets, and vegan interdisciplinary Artivists, coming from their own personal experiences and identities, stand up for Black and Brown People, Women, Trans people, Gender non-conforming People, Queer people, Immigrants, and the struggles and claims of all Intersectional Beings… because this planet is also ours, actually, mostly ours (Song: Ours. Album LNL). They going to bring a wonderful performance, about an hour long, full of sarcasm, comedy, positivity, solutions, powerful crispy flow & authentic afro-caribbean sounds to an uplifting message that makes their trance/ show irresistible. The audience will think, relearn and dance at the same time with Krudxs fierce decolonial lyrics and super dope afrolatin, hip hop, dancehall, reggae, and trap beats. Krudxs concert is a theatrical act of cleverness, confidence, heavy pride, sexiness, rebellion and truth. They chose music as their weapon to celebrate life and fight against oppression because with art we are changing this world! Music is like water, everybody needs it. They also do a very important talk and/or workshop on the role of Artivism and Selfcare to develop Consciousness, Creativity, Self Love, Solidarity, Awareness,  Diversity and Imagination in our queer feminist movement and communities all around the world. 

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