Last week a West Palm Beach company announced a revolutionary Covid-19 detector it has developed. The handheld device can detect the corona virus and several of its mutated variations. In a January 26, 2021 press conference, Advanced Medical Solutions International’s CEO, Donald Redman, announced that the company’s Covid Hunter they developed. It will allow society to get back to normal, the company said.

The Covid Hunter detects the virus on surfaces and on individuals, the company says. According to the company, the detector can be used to detect whether disinfecting surfaces have been effective in removing the Covid virus. It can also be used to detect the virus on individuals entering controlled areas.

The Covid Hunter has not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), however company officials hope to have it approved by the FDA under the emergency use authorization.

While the company awaits approval for the handheld detector, AMSI is negotiating with Mexican companies to manufacture the detector.

According to the technical specifications released by the company, the detector detects the Covid-19 virus by emitting a light beam that detects the “spike protein” of the virus. When it detects the virus, it sounds an alarm. The company says that its device is “99 percent” accurate in the tests it has conducted.

The device was developed by a team of American and Jordanian experts, including Mexican immunologist Alejandro Díaz Villalobos, who confirmed to the San Antonio Express-News that the company agreed to manufacture the device in México.

Díaz Villalobos, who lives in Chihuahua, has declared he is running for governor of Chihuahua in the upcoming elections. He has joined the Fuerza por México political party. The party, which was formed in late 2019, proposes to offer women access to political power by having 60 percent women candidates to 40 percent male candidates. This according to Karla Rojo de la Vega, the party’s director.

Readers interested in more details, can visit the company’s website by Googling “the Covid Hunter”.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...