The following editorial was submitted by Xavier Miranda.

My name is Xavier Miranda, and I am the new Chair of the DSA of El Chuco Electoral Committee. I am reaching out to folks considering political office or affecting change through legislation.

While many of us are justifiably disillusioned with the electoral process, given the manner in which the Bernie campaign was undercut from within the Democrat Party, we recognize the importance of remaining engaged in the process.

The role of our Electoral Committee is to continue organizing candidate and issue forums in order to educate our community, as well as hold elected officials accountable.

Our forums typically consist of panelists from community organizations that seek to educate on issues that have local and national implications. We are currently addressing the following:

Staving off displacement and gentrification (Durangito, Segundo Barrio, and Sunset Heights)
Defunding the police (Annual budget: $157.6 million)
Abolishing the City Manager type of government
Promoting environmental stewardship and renewable energy (Newman 6 opposition, and JPMorgan Chase ownership of El Paso Electric Company)
Demanding healthcare reform and Medicare for All
Calling for equitable economic reform and livable wages
Demanding Immigration reform, and ending family separations
Defending our public education system and restoring its integrity

Consider the impact of our local progressive bloc during the 2020 Primary, evident by the 24,851 votes for Bernie Sanders, and the 47,299 votes for Veronica Carbajal.

Rather than sit idly by, we plan on engaging these voters in pushing for a more progressive Congressional agenda from US House of Representative Veronica Escobar, e.g., demanding significant reform of immigration policy, authentic support of Medicare for All, and promoting a $15 an-hour wage.

At the State level, we will actively urge our Texas State delegation to support issues such as equitable school funding, decriminalization of cannabis, and divestment from petroleum in order to promote renewable energy.

At the municipal level, we will continue to advocate for the reduction of the $157.6 million El Paso Police Department annual budget, in order to re-appropriate funds to much needed social services. FY-2020 Adopted Budget

Of urgency is the El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees elections scheduled for May 2021. The Board of Trustees currently oversees one of the largest operating annual budgets in El Paso County, at $595.8 million. They are currently deliberating whether to select a replacement for disgraced Superintendent Juan Cabrera, or to delay the process until the new trustees are seated in May 2021.

El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees seats are up in May 2021 for the following seats:

District 1, currently held by Board of Trustees President Bob Geske in the El Paso High and Bowie feeder patterns.

District 3, currently held by Josh Acevedo, in the Austin High School and CCTE feeder patterns.

District 4, currently held by Diane Dye, in the Chapin High School and Irvin High School feeder patterns.

District 5, currently held by Chuck Taylor, in the Andress High School and Transmountain Early College High School feeder patterns.

We are also seeking candidates with integrity to support, of whom plan to run for County and Municipal positions .

El Paso City Council seats are up in November 2022 for the following districts:

  • District 1, currently held by Peter Svarzbein
  • District 5, currently held by Isabel Salcido
  • District 6, currently held by Claudia Rodriguez
  • District 8, currently held by Cissy Lizaraga

El Paso County Commissioner seats are up in November 2022 for the following seats:

  • Commissioners Court Judge, currently held by Carlos Samaniego
  • Commissioner Precinct 2, currently held by David Stout
  • Commissioner Precinct 4, currently held by Carl Robinson

Keep in mind that local oligarchs Paul Foster, Woody Hunt, and their ilk are funding candidates that will perpetuate a neoliberal system resulting in austerity, privatization, and de-regulation. Therefore, we implore our folks to engage in the electoral process in order to promote social justice in our community.

Please forward your contact information to the email address below to receive notification of upcoming organizational meetings.

Best Regards,

Xavier Miranda
Member of Democratic Socialists of America of El Chuco
Member El Paso Grassroots or

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6 replies on “El Chuco Electoral Committee Announcement”

  1. Very nice, but at least inform yourself of our elected officials names !! Who is Carlos Samaniego ?? Very typical of the Socialist >

  2. My apologies for mistakenly identifying the County Judge as Carlos, and not RICARDO. Carlos, the Judge’s brother, previously served as EP County Sheriff, and engaged in controversial immigration enforcement during his tenure. There were sustained efforts in opposing Carlos by myself and other organizations.

    As for the “very typical of the Socialist” statement, the oversight was entirely mine.

    Xavier Miranda

  3. My apologies for mistakenly identifying the Judge as Carlos, rather than RICARDO. Carlos, the Judge’s brother, formerly served as EP County Sheriff, who engaged in controversial immigration enforcement during his tenure. Many of us were engaged in efforts opposing him.

    As for the “very typical of a Socialist” statement, the oversight was entirely mine.

    Xavier Miranda

    1. Wrong again….Get it right or stop editorializing…His relative, not brother was LEO Samaniego. One of the best law enforcement person in this County. He served in the EEPD and was a Sheriff for a very long time.

  4. Stand corrected, and note the irony of your comment. I was hoping to engage in a dialogue which dealt with the issues at hand. If you’re interested in getting directly involved, please contact me at the email provided.

    Peace to you David.

    Xavier Miranda

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