Okay folks there was a slight error in the previous post. So here’s the “corrected” version.

What should be the last of the mailers should be over and done. Again Candidates spend buck, bucks and more bucks on these easily discarded things.

El Paso we are at a very pivotal point in the election cycle where we need to put the right people the right seats at the Federal, State, County and City level.

I’ve been focusing on three particular campaigns as they have been interesting, contentious and downright dirty!

First the GOP Candidates running for Congressional District 16 seat. Samuel Williams. He’s a 29 year Army Veteran with numerous tours, multiple DD214/discharge papers as the norm for each “hitch” or enlistment every service member receives them per “hitch” or years served. He was wounded, received two purple hearts. This happens when you get wounded in combat. Countless Veterans have been awarded the Purple Heart.

Being a Veteran you would think Williams would put tact, decorum etc into his campaign, nah didn’t happen. His campaign has been hell bent on goading/baiting his opponents via social media and in various public settings.

A good example would be at a Veterans Service Organization where he states a former opponent was placing his campaign material in plain view, whether it was during a forum/debate well it’s unclear.

To debunk this act, Veterans Service Organizations, specifically Congressionally Chartered organizations cannot endorse, favor any particular party or candidate. They can however allow all Candidates to speak regardless of party affiliation, but they must remain absolutely neutral. There were several photos of Williams holding his opponents campaign material. For all we know it could have been in his pocket or someone at the Veterans Service Organization could’ve just left it behind. Williams is a life-time member of this organization and to put this Organization Charter at risk really questions his morals/ethics behind this deed.

I myself have commanded two Veterans Service Organizations, both which have been Congressionally Chartered–the American GI Forum (Greater El Paso Chapter) and Korean War Veteran Association. I would never allow any member lifetime or otherwise to put the Charter into jeopardy. There would have been discussions with the officers of the organization and the topic of discussion was the immediate termination of Williams life-time membership with a full refund. Veterans Service Organizations want quality members over quantity.

At one point during his campaign Williams made reference to the similarities between Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and Armendariz-Jackson I guess he meant “facially” that statement, which in itself is extremely sexist and the phrase “they all look alike” comes into mind.

Finally the video on Williams campaign page after the GOP hosted Allen West at their Headquarters. The video was taken by his campaign manager, from an angle where you couldn’t hear the exchange very well, but the body language suggests it was very heated, but if you listen to his manager giggling is a bit narcissistic to me shows you just how low he and his campaign has sank.

These actions really question the leadership within the El Paso GOP and the chairman obviously lacking presence.

Irene Armendariz-Jackson, ties with the Border Patrol, definitely has a backbone. El Paso native and El Paso tends to vote for “true” El Pasoans who demonstrate the who, what, where and why we are about. There’s plenty of information about this candidate on her website and Facebook page.

Normally, I’d favor the Military Veteran, but not in this case. I come from a family who’s surname has been in service to this Great Nation before Jack Black Pershing. Being a Veteran used to hold some meaning, but Williams unabashedly threw that out a long, long time ago. The difference between Williams and George Strait, George Strait can carry a tune, Williams is better suited to carry buckets of horse excrement.

Williams and Armendariz-Jackson

Next up the District Attorney race between Montoya and Rosales. Montoya throughout has proven to be an extension of current DA Jaime Esparza, well the best thing to say about that is it’s the “same ol song and dance”. Montoya who is pals with the Lyin Star Blob, brings into question on how the blob got out of his legal issues, some have said thru Montoya or association with him.

Montoya took part in the re-trial of Villegas, a venture that was solely set on “getting the one that got away” millions were spent on this regurgitation, based solely on a VENDETTA period. During regular voting Villegas and family went to thier polling place only to be hounded/taunted by Montoya poll sitters, which makes me wonder where the person responsible for the polling location was aware of the situation.

Montoya and company were invited on several occasions to take part in a roundtable discussion regarding Texas Family Code 25.03 or Interference with Child Custody, that’s when a divorced couple intentionally withholds visitation for the other parent and is a felony in the State of Texas.

It is well known that Jaime Esparza issued a memo to law enforcement officials, to not enforce 25.03. Even though a parent can show up at whichever appointed place to pickup the children, have the visitation order in hand, showing the wording of said order and the other parent even with law enforcement witnessing the denial, the parent who denies the visitation will not be charged period as it’s a “civil matter” and left as that. There is a rather lengthy document over a period of time regarding the numerous violations of 25.03 in El Paso County. Understand this is detrimental to the children who ultimately are caught in the middle. Yes, I have said document as well.

Yvonne Rosales, I ran across this young lady a few years back when she took Esparza on at a debate/forum in Northeast El Paso. I can say this, she is a spitfire took Esparza point for point with extreme prejudice, not once but on two occasions.

Her arguments were well thought out and you can see the passion she has for upholding the law and is very aware of 25.03 and it’s lack of enforcement. If we need reform anywhere it’s definitely at El Paso District Attorney office. Yeah it will be a shake up, but well worth it and a very long time in the making.

Rosales and Montoya

Last one, the race for 388th or Family Court Judge.

We have incumbent Judge Laura Strathmann who’s sat in that seat since 2012. During that particular campaign she assured folks of reform, putting families 1st yada, yada, didn’t happen that way. As a Family Court Judge you are sitting on the bench drastically changing the family dynamic thru divorce and visitation.

If that doesn’t make you truly understand the weight of your ruling or magnitude of your office/actions I don’t know what will. The Family environment is crucial to the children who are helplessly caught in the middle of the fray and don’t have much say in the matter unfortunately.

Strathmanns’ office was also invited to roundtable discussions regarding 25.03 and it’s lack of enforcement in El Paso County.

Strathmann office was notably absent or chose not to participate, after all why try to attempt reform? Her office has annually budgeted for education in 25.03 and we seen the result of this education. So the office spent the bucks went to school and just ate the apple or stayed in recess.

Aside from imploring not to destroy her opponents singage, siting decorum and it’s against the law, but her mailer represents otherwise. As seen below.

This is the doing of the Lying Star Star Blob, specifically the mailer itself. Again the Blob who has numerous issues with Family Court and Criminal Court and the words/action of Judicial Review come into play.

Throughout Strathmann campaign she has lamented about having an opponent. When you run unopposed, you get complacent, in a Family Court setting you do not need complacency.

Marlene Gonzalez, who has been burning the midnight oil and then some during this campaign and has really had the drive, desire and “ganas” for this seat. She is very forward about the issues, which translates to having a backbone which would be a welcomed change to this seat on the bench.

Gonzalez and Strathmann

One thing about family court, it is geared to feed Title IV which translates into keeping a percentage of cases rotating in the County Courthouse and that in turn translates into bucks or what can be called “bonuses” from the Office of the Attorney General.

Early Voting starts Monday June 29th, I’m asking you as Citizens to keep these particular points in mind as we go to the polls. I’ve listened to too many people “Screaming” for change, well here’s your chance to put your words into actions.

My sincerest apologies to Ms. Lydia Ness Garcia for the gross mistake on my part.

Okay gente, once again!!! Love Peace and Taco Grease!!!


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