I was born and raised in my beloved hometown of El Paso, Texas. I am the fourth oldest of five children. When I was 17-Months-Old, I had a seizure that put me in a four-hour coma. As a result of that trauma, growing up was not easy for me. I was different from other kids my age. I was also diagnosed with ADHD, but I have never let that define me. I have a passion for God and been serving in the ministry from the age of thirteen at the Northeast Bible Restoration Church. My work in my church has instilled compassion and love for people, as well as a sense of altruism and a desire to make our world a better place.

I am running for City Council District 4, not for the title or the prestige, but because I want to serve my community and make it a better place. As your City Council Representative, I want to work towards increasing the minimum wage to help offset rising of taxes. Most importantly, I want to eliminate the corruption within our local government. It is time we instill accountability and transparency and to be voices for the people in this beautiful city.

Before we can make El Paso a “Destination City” we need to ensure that we create a place worthy of our culture and history. Listening to all citizens and listening to their concerns on what makes El Paso a destination is important for generations to come.

If you will like more information or would like to volunteer in my campaign, please reach out to Elect Shawn Nixon (915) 621-5137 and/or email us at:

Thank you.