About two weeks ago during a Virtual City Council a few words fell out of City Council Representative Henry Rivera mouth berating El Pasoan Sito Negron. Im not gonna go over what was said it’s been spread all over hells half acre anyway.

Sito Negron who happens to be a part of State Senator Rodriguez staff was bringing to light concerns about the I10 expansion and the problems that citizens will be facing once the progress begins.

District Rep. Henry Rivera

The phrase “So what the fuck are you complaining about? and Fucking idiot” spewed from Riveras mouth immediately followed by the snickering of Mayor Pro Tempore Peter Svarzbien who as Mayor Pro Tempore is to ensure decorum, tact and integrity is maintained during City Council meetings public, virtual or otherwise.

District Rep Peter Svarzbien

These actions and lack of any type of ramifications to either of these individuals is beyond asinine in my opinion. The excuse “pitfalls of working from home” that Mr. Rivera used is really beyond lame, six hours sitting behind a keyboard? Really does that bother him that much? How much do City Council members make anyway? and these two can’t sit still long enough to pay attention? Is that how much value is placed on the average El Pasoan?

To add insult to injury City Manager Tommy Gonzalez took a 5% cut in pay to help with budgetary problems. Really 5 cents from every dollar earned equals how much again? I’m sorry the cell phone, vehicle and residence that was given to ya would be too much of an inconvenience to give up would it?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I know damn well I’m worth a helluva lot more that a damn nickel. The majority of El Pasoans if they aren’t hurting now due to unemployment issues they soon will be. $1,200 can only last so long and it’s starting to show on markeplace sites, pawn shops etc. Individuals selling tools, clothing, games and so on. A damn nickel? seriously? Here’s what to do, when ya have a nickel available please place it in an envelope addressed to City Hall El Paso Texas “Care Of” either Mayor Margo or Tommy Gonzalez and tell ’em no thanks.

Mayor Margo

Out esteemed Mayor, who recently had issues with the mask/face covering “thing” as well as social distancing during a recent siting at the Country Club in the Upper Valley.

The pic of him with his back turned, his spouse with no type of face covering and a gaggle of individuals who appear to be flirting with the 6 foot rule while an employee at the Country Club is in what is required per COVID 19 mask gloves etc.

Okay what part of “do as I say” is so difficult to understand? Margo states the folks around him were being congratulatory, but looking at the picture it doesn’t appear that way, who knows?

In the end Gov. Greg Abbott has stated that his mandates supersede those of any county or city in Texas. So, to cover or not to cover is pretty much discretionary from what Im seeing around El Paso with the exception of some Convenience stores who have posted “no mask no service”, which they do have right of refusal.

What we have here in El Paso is a severe lack of integrity by these three. The term Hypocrite has been used and I my opinion is very fitting. These actions need to be at the forefront of every El Pasoan.

El Paso itself is going to be or is already playing with bankruptcy and if we can’t pull out of it the citizens will suffer more than any other time in history. Just remember we are still in election mode and take notes on what is and isn’t being done in the city.

District 6 Representative Claudia Lizette Rodriguez

Enough of the ridicule, there’s been a ray of light from District 6 with Ms. Rodriguez using her District discretionary funds for El Pasoans Fighting Hunger. That is noble and commendable. Maybe this young lady can show those three men what it means to have morals and ethics? It is my hope that we see more of these selfless acts as the food bank lines continue to grow.

One last thing, please remind Mayor Margo that the State Senator race hasn’t been decided yet. Hasta Raza!!!


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues