Throughout my Life it has ran on some type of Schedule. I was fortunate enough to have my parents who were children during the Great Depression and went thru the ration cards of World War II.

We were a fairly large family of nine 6 sisters and 3 brothers. I fondly remember my Mother’s day starting promptly at about 4 a.m., banging out tortillas, the familiar smells of salsa de molcajete, beans, bacon, eggs and coffee wafting thru the house.

My father, a ranchhand, Soldier, and Plumber was up and chomping at the bit to get the day started, both parents mocking the sun to rise. As if saying “you’re still not up”?!?!?

This was my life everything in the home on a timer, breakfast, lunch & dinner. In between that was housekeeping 101, clean, clean and clean some more. Yeah there were small breaks usually with my Mom catching a soap opera or two. Mostly the radio blaring the Tejano tunes, that are constantly being remade.

Now, present day, we find ourselves in our homes, parents are instant teachers, since the school districts are down, for now. We scramble for supplies at the big box stores, because self preservation is paramount.

We stress over the daily updates from Washington D.C. all the way down to locally. All these issues are equally stressful, causes anxiety, frustration and fear.

How do you combat these issues? That depends on the individual. Being in Marine Corps taught me how to really pass “dead time”. There was more than one time or another when I was on some sort of “alert status” my movement limited to either base or barracks depending on the status. The longest “dead time” was sailing from San Diego to Persian Gulf prior to Desert Storm.


Ships look enormous while pierside. Once out to sea over a period of time they become smaller and smaller. At times during general quarters drills you’re in your berthing area locked in with 150 or more Marines, killing time. We spent hours and hours sharing “sea lawyer” stories or “tall tales”, card game of spades or dominoes ruled the day. Getting lost in a book. My pick was the Novel “Texas” a 1000 plus pages that I thought would take me months to finish, well I was wrong!!! Finished in a week.

Even in the Military there was a plan of the day. Usually it was administered by the S-3 or Training Dept and up to each Dept Head to follow the guidelines.

So, how do you fight the long hours at home? Scheduling.

Morning: Bathroom routine, followed by breakfast. Myself I briefly watch the news, just the basics. Then the music is on, different genre depending on my mood. Dishes get cleared, stove wiped down. Some type of cardio exercises about an hour. Quick snack “healthish”

Lunch, something light depending on my activity. Music still on, check on family/friends via social media or text messages. Then reading some self-help magazine, you’re never too old to learn something.

Plan Your Day

Sometime around 3p.m. dinner is taking shape, music genre is changed to “Tejano” chanelling my “Mom”, music was always blaring and the “smell” of dinner was wafting for blocks durning my childhood years. As always, plan your meals is according to how active you are, food is fuel, excess fuel equals fat.

The “Wind Down” day is ending, TV is on, catching up with my wife, since thankfully is working, allow for venting, frustration moments during the conversation. Kitchen gets shut down, clear dishes in dishwasher, put the tab in and “press the button”, man that was difficult.

Don’t ignore what’s going on the COVID19. If you find yourself getting wound up, channel that emotion and do something with it. Write, walk, yard work, teach your child a life skill. We all have nothing but time on our hands. Make the most of this situation, this could be the best for everyone, as long as you “keep your head” focused and active.

This situation is “temporary”, how long we stay under this ordinance is entirely up to us. Be mindful of others while you’re out, say please and thanks, that act alone my be the only kind words some people will hear. Vent when you need to vent, cry when you need to cry and laugh when you need to laugh.

Okay folks I’m late for my “watching paint dry contest” Love, Peace and Taco Grease!!!


Local 915 person who's a lil more involved than average with Veterans/Weight Loss and Community issues