Press Notice: February 2, 2020 Launch of 50-Year Cycle 

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Contact: Armando Rendón


MeXicanos 2070 Webinar on Feb. 2, 2020 Will Launch

50-Year Project to Preserve and Advance Mexican American Culture

A 50-year cycle of teaching and organizing to promote Mexican American culture will be launched February 2, 2020, in a webinar to be available nationwide. The sponsoring group is MeXicanos 2070, a collective of MeXicano Americans dedicated to preserve and advance Mexican American culture through orientation workshops and educational programs.

The program will begin at 2 p.m CST. The link to join the webinar is

The event will open with a ceremonia webcast from the Instituto Cultural de México in San Antonio, Texas, followed by three speakers, one each in California, Arizona and Texas covering a key element of the group’s purpose and objectives. The event is expected to draw hundreds of observers from throughout the U.S. in the first national webinar of its kind aimed nationwide at the Mexican American population.

Generally, the topics will focus on major concerns facing Mexican Americans stemming from present conditions in the U.S., which threaten the importance and relevance of Mexican Americans’ presence in the U.S. by diminishing Chicanan culture and history as well as threatening our lives and livelihoods.

Overall, the collective intends to expand each area of concern into study and research components whose findings and recommendations would drive collective action on preserving and advancing Mexican American culture, setting a timetable projected to culminate in a retrospective event on February 2, 2070.

An essay, titled Blueprint for the Next 50 Years, published this past February 2nd, written by Armando Rendón, a long-time writer on Chicano affairs, generated interest among other Mexican American scholars, writers and activists, who became the formative group behind the idea of launching the 50-year cycle.

The first informational meeting took place at the Progreso Building in San Antonio, Texas, followed this past November 22-23 by a live webinar workshop on the Blueprint concerns at the Instituto Cultural de México.

The Blueprint for the Next 50 Years and other papers can be accessed at the MeXicanos 2070 blog,

Members of the collective that is organizing the launch of the 2020-2070 Cycle include persons from Prescott, Arizona; the San Francisco Bay Area, California; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan, and San Antonio, Texas.


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