Donald Trump launched his presidential candidacy telling everyone that México sends “rapists” to the U.S. Trump also told everyone that the southern border is so dangerous that he needs to build a wall. Never mind that Saudi Arabia sends “its best” who promptly kill U.S. citizens on a military base. You know what else, Donald Trump decries? Undocumented immigrants who work to put food on U.S. tables and clean U.S toilets.

It would be better if Trump practices what he preached. He doesn’t like Mexican immigrants like me. Fine, just don’t hire undocumented workers while demanding that they be deported back to their countries.

It is hypocritical to argue that immigrants should be deported while he allows many to work for him.

The Washington Post profiled two former Donald Trump housekeepers that have decided to step forth about Trump and his hypocrisy. The “How two housekeepers took on the president – and revealed that his company employed undocumented immigrants” by Joshua Partlow and David A. Fahrenthold tells the story of Sandra Diaz. Diaz, like many immigrants lives “invisibly” because of her undocumented status. She is like millions of others toiling away hoping that someday they can come out of the shadows.

According to the article, the reporters identified 48 workers who worked for Donald Trump’s resorts as undocumented immigrants.

Yes, that Donald Trump interacted with undocumented immigrants who worked for him. Diaz and Victorina Morales, another undocumented immigrant working for Trump decided that they had had enough of Trump’s bashing of immigrants and decided to come out of the shadows.

Here is the most poignant part of the newspaper article. The two undocumented workers filed a criminal complaint against the Trump properties for hiring undocumented workers. Did you see ICE raid any of the Trump properties?

Of course not!

This, after the undocumented workers provided evidence about their status and information about other undocumented workers working at Trump properties.

What did officials do with the complaint? They took Diaz’ fake paperwork away from her, and that was it.

It is not as if Donald Trump hasn’t been caught before hiring undocumented workers. Trump settled a 1980’s federal case for $1.38 million in 1998 for using Polish undocumented workers to demolish one of his buildings.

The question that begs to be asked is where is the outrage with Donald Trump’s hiring of undocumented workers by all his supporters that want immigrants deported?

I ask in jest because I already know the answer, but the hypocrisy that oozes out about undocumented immigrants from Trump and cohorts sickens me.

Unfortunately some readers just will not understand this simplest of simple facts.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...