Although most of us understood that articles of impeachment were going to be filed against Donald Trump, it was yesterday’s testimony that cemented them into stone. As most political observers understand, the Democrats must file impeachment articles to keep themselves relevant in 2020. The Republicans are still trying to figure out a way out of the debacle.

Ambassador Gordon Sondland delivered the first-hand account that the Republicans have been hiding behind. Sondland also delivered another article of impeachment, obstruction. Apparently, Donald Trump has refused to release documents that Sondland needed to prepare for his testimony. That is in addition to ordering his other minions not to participate in the inquest.

Sondland testified that there was “quid pro quo” for the Ukrainian aid. Sondland also testified that Donald Trump was aware of what “everyone was doing”. Sonland demolished the idea that there was no quid pro quo. But Sonland also testified that Rudy Giuliani was Trump’s point man in the Ukrainian debacle. All roads, according to Sonland, go through Giuliani.

At least two articles of impeachment have been made. One is bribery, the quid pro quo. The second is obstruction.

As the impeachment hearings continue, it is likely more articles will develop.

The Republicans are doing their best to pretend nothing to see and nothing to hear. Let’s move on.

As for Donald Trump, his defense are the comments that the ambassador attributed to Trump. “I want nothing…I want nothing…I want no quid pro quo.” Tell the Ukrainian president “to do the right thing.”

The problem for the defense comments are that Trump is litigious and knows how to protect himself legally. It has not been proven but it fits Trump’s modus operandi of lying and cover ups. He is also a serial liar. More important is that the testimony and evidence show that Donald Trump is a hands-on individual who likes to be in control. Trump had to have directed the quid pro quo.

Hopefully further hearings will provide more evidence of Trump’s direct involvement.

Regardless, the article of impeachment are in the pipeline.

Whatever the Senate does, there is one thing that the Trump presidency will always be known for – the impeachment of Donald Trump. One, of very few presidents to be impeached.

Donald Trump will carry the stigma of impeachment for the rest of his life.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...