It amazes me how many individuals defend an undefendable position just because of political party affiliation or hoping a favorite individual wins a political contest. Joe Biden is such an individual. Although Biden has yet to officially announce his intention to run for the Democrat presidential nomination, many party loyalists are dreaming of a Biden ticket and pundits are just waiting for the official announcement. But because Biden is leading the Democrat Party presidential hopefuls there are people coming out of the woodwork, either on their own or through opposition research to expose Joe Biden.

The latest Joe Biden scandal – he has a history of them – is inappropriately touching women. To be clear, Biden has not been accused of sexual violations, but rather of just being too friendly to women. In one case, a woman alleges that Joe Biden put his hands on her shoulders and “smelled” her hair.

Some have argued that Biden meant nothing by it.

Biden himself has said he did not intend to be disrespectful, but he now understands that it may have made the individual uncomfortable even though he meant nothing by it.

Here’s the problem with Biden’s defense. No man has the right to touch a woman without her consent. That includes holding her hand, rubbing her shoulders or getting too close to her. This is also true for men, as well. Touching another individual without permission is wrong.

Some of Joe Biden’s defenders have argued that Biden is from another generation and now understands that times have changed.

Excuse me?

If anything, older generations kept greater distances among themselves, especially in the United States as culturally, America has moved away from puritan sensibilities to more openness with sexuality. In other words, men kept their distance from women because of cultural/religious values. For those that argue that the 1960’s discarded American sexual values and allowed men to impose themselves on women forget the inconvenient reality that women have been demanding their ability to say no since then. Their message is clear and unequivocal.

To defend Joe Biden’s disrespect of women, or to look away means that women do not deserve to be respected. To defend Biden for political expediency only makes matters worse.

Joe Biden has a history of controversy. When a man disrespects one woman, he likely has disrespected several others.

The last time the Democrat Party looked the other way on the failure of their leadership – Hillary Clinton – the country ended up with Donald Trump.

Joe Biden needs to do the right thing and forget running for president. Likewise, his supporters need to think of the county and look to other contenders for their support.

Martin Paredes

Martín Paredes is a Mexican immigrant who built his business on the U.S.-Mexican border. As an immigrant, Martín brings the perspective of someone who sees México as a native through the experience...

One reply on “Joe Biden Should Step Aside”

  1. Now that the Democrats have circled the wagons around creepy, crawly Biden he is laughing at women. He opened his speech/rally by joking about the liberties he has taken with women to the delight of his enabling audience.

    I wonder how many of the males who support/defend his behavior would stand by as the creepy, crawly hands of Biden fondled their wives, daughters, and mothers. Objects for a man of power.

    Would the women from that group of learned, very-important-women who immediately coalesced as his outer shield allow Kavanaugh or any other man to take such liberties with their bodies? With their teenage daughters’?

    Nothing is evil or bad as long as it serves the Democratic Party’s agenda; Biden is ahead in the polls, he’ll beat the Lunatic come ’20 they tell us. Plus it’ll maintain the status quo within the Party, representing Wall Street and not the people.

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